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What is would look like if smoke fire detection range was based on main battery range

WorldOfWarships6 - What is would look like if smoke fire detection range was based on main battery range

Let me just start by making it abundantly clear that this is a terrible idea. This post and spreadsheet is an answer to this thread posted yesterday, which proposed that as a nerf to Smolensk specifically, the smokefiring penalty across the board should be based on the range of the ship's main battery guns.

As is typical of reddit's balance ideas, the OP had literally one ship in mind and didn't consider what other ships would be impacted by this change.

The Method

So, here's what I did. I created two ranges. One of these ranges represents main battery max range for tier 10 ships. On the short end of the spectrum we have Halland with a 10.45km max range. At the long end of the spectrum, we have Yamato/Yashima at 26.63. The other range represents the smoke fire detection ranges of ships. Here, Harugumo is on the short end of the spectrum with 2.54km, and Yashima is on the long end at 20.92 (more than Yamato). I took each of these numbers as the bounds for smoke fire ranges, and then proportionally changed ships detection ranges based on their main battery range. The closer you are to the shortest range, the smaller your smoke detection is (without going below 2.54km, this obviously gives Halland 2.54km smoke detection range). The closer you are to the longest range, the larger your smoke detection is (this obviously Yamato & Yashima the same max 20.92 smoke detection range).


What I did not do is account for various means of extending main battery range (through captain skills and upgrade modules). Why? First, I couldn't be bothered. Second, ships having varying smoke fire detection ranges based on upgrades/captains seems bad & confusing to players. Third, the same upgrades that you can do to extend Smolensk's range can be done to extend Worcester's range and this proposal hurts Worcester a lot harder than Smolensk. I also didn't bother with concealment upgrades, because that's just a flat percentage decrease in detection range that any ship can pick up and doesn't change that data you're about to see.

The Data

So, here's what it would look like…

Bad Idea

Salem isn't included because my screen is only so tall and it's identical to Des Moines. The rightmost column indicates how big of a buff or nerf the proposed change would apply to every ship. So Worcester would have a 3.62km LARGER smoke firing detection range, and Kremlin would have a 3.94km SMALLER smoke firing detection range. Most importantly, if this system were implemented, only SIX ships would see a smaller change in their smoke fire penalty range than Smolensk.

There's not much to discuss here. This post is nothing more than evidence that Reddit doesn't know what it's talking about when it comes to balancing this game.

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