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What the actual fu*k is the Conqueror? [Long]

WorldOfWarships4 - What the actual fu*k is the Conqueror? [Long]

A few months ago I decided to really put some time into the Conqueror to see what all the hooplah was about. After 154 matches and obtaining the legendary module I've come to the conclusion that Conqueror is floating pile of frankengarbage, an abomination made up of British gimmicks and bad ideas. Nothing about the ship makes sense and its glaringly annoying to play against strengths do not make up for its glaringly annoying to play as weaknesses.

Let's talk about its offensive power; everyone's taken a Conqueror salvo of HE and received an absurd amount of alpha damage and had 3 fires set on them before. British HE is indeed powerful and it would seem that most of Conqueror's offensive power is balanced around this fact. Hence, it's got some of the most frustrating accuracy in the game and, even though I personally love British short fuse AP, AP game play is not consistent enough to make Conq as good as other high tier battleships when it comes to using AP.

When it comes to its defensive abilities we again see one massively powerful ability overshadowing everything else. How frustrating is it to put a ton of damage into a Conqueror only for it to drop detection and reprint itself? A heal like that has to be balanced around carefully. In fact, I think it's impossible to balance around. Despite having a buried citadel, Conqueror absolutely melts under concentrated fire due to having an armor scheme that's the steel equivalent of warm butter. Being the focus of more than one cruiser is my least favorite thing to experience in Conqueror. Its heal is on such a long cool down that it makes extended tanking difficult. There are times where you simply can't or don't want to drop into stealth but if you want to survive, you just have to. So, while you go dark a friendly cruiser or two might die while you're waiting to reprint your bullshit boat.

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I got this part horribly wrong but I still hate the way she moves. Finally we have maneuverability, an area where Conqueror lacks in wholly. It's piggish, to say the least. Not only is she slow but she turns in no great hurry. If you're spotted in one of her long turns you're not going to get deleted but you'll still take considerable white damage from anyone in view of your flat broadside. Her torpedo damage reduction is 2nd worse of all the Tier X battleships and torpedo beating in Conqueror is probably my 2nd least favorite thing to experience in her. You're gonna take at least one or two, most times. Her poor speed and maneuverability, combined with the reliance on her superior detection for effective and extended tanking, make her terrible at holding a weak flank.


Her legendary module does negate some of her poor handling but that's not exactly what Conqueror needs. Running her legendary module just makes the whole Conqueror experience even more confusing and weird; to max that feeling I recommend the legendary module with her 457s. Obviously she can't have a legendary module that enhances her strengths; her strengths are so powerful already that they can't be improved on at all. In fact Conqueror has justifiably seen routine nerfs to its strengths since its release. The improvement on gun handling is much appreciated but the improvement on engine repair time is a bizarre after thought.

So what, exactly, does Conqueror need? I'm not sure she's salvageable in her current state. Almost every other battleship is better at tanking than her, despite the super heal and buried citadel. Almost every other battleship is better at punishing mistakes or making the most of being in an advantageous position. Spamming HE is done better by almost every cruiser. Racking up absurd damage numbers in her means almost nothing, I found it nigh on impossible to hard carry with Conq no matter how on top of my game I was. My win rate in her sits at an abysmal 45%, where I typically average 50-52% in most ships. I'm not sure I'll ever play another match in her again. She's just not very fun, in my experience.

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She needs nerfs but she also needs buffs. She's frustrating to play against but also frustrating to play. This might be the worst designed ship in the game; she has no clear role except to be the winning team's damage farming punching bag at the end of a match. If it were up to me, I'd redesign her from the hull up, perhaps in the flavor of being a high tier Warspite. If I’ve contradicted myself here it’s because Conqueror is a ship of contradictions.

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