World of Warships

When subs are introduced, there’s a few things that need to be tweaked.

WorldOfWarships3 - When subs are introduced, there's a few things that need to be tweaked.

I've found a few exploits that you can do if you're really skilled, ones that should probably be adjusted (read: nerfed).

The first is what I'll call "air dipping". You can pull yourself to the surface for just a brief instant, get a few extra seconds of air, and then dive again with few (if any) repercussions in some cases. This is most noticeable and exploitable when you're playing as a Zipper. To remedy this, I think that subs should need to stay on the surface for a minimum, say, 2-4 seconds before they start recharging their oxygen. Increase the rate of recharge slightly to compensate, but force players to actually stay on the surface for more than a few milliseconds.


The second is to add a minimum range to sub torpedoes. This is done in real life to prevent a sub from hitting itself with its own torpedo blasts (and, in modern subs, to prevent a torpedo from locking onto its own submarine, but there's no homing torps in WoWS). I know subs are supposed to sneak up and then torp an enemy, but they should have the same "melee range" vulnerability as destroyers or other torpedo ships. Right now, in the Operation, I find myself melee-torping Rasputin a bit too easily.

A third thing I'd introduce is what I call "drowning damage". In order to make running out of oxygen more detrimental to subs, they should take a little bit of damage when they are resurfacing while out of air. I know the forced resurfacing can already be pretty bad, but this should at least be considered.

Of course, these are all open to debate. Feel free to discuss them, but no flaming, shaming, etc.


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