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Where is the game going? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

WorldOfWarships2 - Where is the game going? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Okay so I'm just trying to have an honest discussion. The community here has a lot of memes about CVs and how the game has drastically changed (arguably to the worse) since 0.8 came out and so on.

What's really worrying me is the very high rate of premium HE snipers that are making their way into the game.

As we all know, a good Conqueror salvo would rip a good chunk of any ship's AA.

The meta seems to be heading towards heavy HE sniping and CV bombing meta.

Funny enough, HE snipers like Azuma and Yoshino have good AA and do not need to get any close to the combat. Therefore they make perfect choices in CV heavy meta.

Where does that leave the rest of the game?

DDs that have to move into the objective and cap basically have no chance of survival.

A lot of cruisers do not have godtier AA to properly defend themselves from CV strikes and they are rather fragile. Even Mino and Des Moines can be bombed to oblivion with 'sling-drops' exploit.

BBs either sit back fearing to get CV or HE focus, if they get close they melt like butter, they sit in the back they are useless anyways.

It seems like there is no win situation except for good snipers that can safely sit in the back and farm damage.

As we all know, such people do not contribute very well to the game's progress as they don't support anyone nor help capture the objective. These types are supposed to shrink in numbers since they are part of the problem.


Yet they seem to be growing in numbers instead of shrinking and it's really due to the current meta in play.


I don't get it, the game isn't dying. Why is WG pushing to sell more and more OP premiums as if the game is dying and they're trying to salvage what's left? We all know that isn't the case, so why is WG acting as if it is?

Read:  BB heavy meta, 20km Shima torps viable, convince me otherwise.

Quite frankly, pre-0.8 I happily bought premiums since I wanted them and enjoyed playing them. Those premiums I got before the rework are mostly pointless now and I really don't play any of them anymore. Current premiums will become useless in a few months just like with everything else. So the logical conclusion for me was: stop spending any penny on the game. I can't be the only one thinking this way.

It seems like the game is turning more and more into World of Tanks, and that's not a very good idea on WG's part.

The game may be growing thus far, but in my opinion, if WG continues with this behavior, the growth may not last long.


This is just my opinion, what do you guys think?

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