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Which T10 to get for the Xmas sale?

WorldOfWarships1 - Which T10 to get for the Xmas sale?

Hi all, First of all, I want to thank this community for helping me become a better player. I discovered this subreddit soon after playing and I have learned so much not only about the ships and strategies and tactics, but also keeping me up to date with events and PSAs and new content and everything. Thanks!

Now, the point of this post is to ask for some advice. Currently all tech tree ships in the game are on sale and I want to take advantage of this and the snowflake event to get my hands on at least one more T10. I currently have:







Des Moines

Henri IV

(Gearing researched)

I am currently grinding Seattle, Alsace, and Udaloi, but I have researched the T9s Kitakaze, Iowa, Z-46, and FdG.

I’m a “cruiser main” but I love DDs and play them about as equally as BBs. It’s like a 40/30/30 split regarding playtime. I have 850k Free XP that I’m not really saving for anything — I have Jean Bart, Kronstadt, and Missouri already, I have Yamato so I don’t need Musashi, I’m not super interested in Alaska but Azumo and Neustrashima look very interesting to me. My main limitation is credits. I’m pretty sure I can only afford one more T10 before the sale runs out. Maybe 2 if I can sell some of the T9s I’m currently grinding.

So what should I do?

I was planning on making the Republique my next T10 but I kind of want to grind the Alsace since I have Jean Bart and loved the Richelieu. However Repub’s legendary mod looks very good so it might be nice to get that started sooner.


I was also looking forward to the Grozovoi, and I’m tempted to skip the Udaloi (since I already have Khaba’s legendary mod) but I hear Udaloi is a pretty good boat and the grind isn’t that bad. What’s the consensus on the Grozovoi legendary mod?

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Montana is very tempting. I have Missouri with nearly 2 million XP so I don’t feel guilty about skipping the Iowa. However I don’t hear a lot of talk about Monty’s legend mod so I’m not sure if it’s worth starting before something else. I have the same concern with GK, I have no problem skipping the FDG grind but I’m not sure if the GK is worth it.

I could get the Gearing but from what I hear she’s not as strong as she used to be and I want to hang on to the Fletcher for T9 ranked.

I really love the Zao and Des Moines playstyles where you are either very versatile or can make game-winning plays to carry the match. I’m not super interested in HE spammers like Worcester or Harugumo. Hindenburg would fit the bill but it’s a tad out of reach since I only have the Hipper researched and I don’t want to blow that much XP (I’m also looking forward to that grind as Roon is supposed to be good).

Anyways, sorry for the wall of text but thanks for reading. I hope you can help me out!

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