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Why did we rework CV again?

WorldOfWarships7 - Why did we rework CV again?

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So to preface this, I have been spending a lot of time on CN server as of late due to my discovery of RTS CV. However, on NA, I own a Hakuryu, and I hold some pretty solid stats in it (251 games, 50.6% WR and 121k DPG at the time of this writing). I started playing new CV a few weeks after the rework and I played all the way up until a few weeks ago (when I started CN server). On CN, I have the Ryujo (36 games, 56% WR, and 64k DPG) and Hiryu (27 games, 41% WR, and 93k DPG). I am just posting these stats to establish that I have experience in both versions of CV.


While my DPGs are much higher on CN, it comes with the caveat of old flooding mechanics. I tend to DOT stack on both servers, but on CN I first try to set fires with HE DBs and then I torp after the DCP is burned. On NA, I just go torp drop and then turn around and hang outside of AA until DCP is burned. The difference is my target selection. On CN, I avoid all cruisers with DFAA like the plague. I have seen an Atlanta swat a full fighter squadron out of the air in 5 seconds and obliterate a full strike package while 6 km from the allied BB that was the target of the strike (thank God he was on my team). Meanwhile on NA, I tend to just strike the most exposed player, disregarding whether they are an AA cruiser or not. I would rather strike a DM that is isolated than go for a group of three ships with "bad" AA. Why would I rather do this? Because flak is very easy to dodge.

Flak is easy to dodge, but most players either a) don't know why or b) don't tell you why. The AA sends out flak blobs according to the direction of the planes. It takes a quarter second or so to reach the target area, depending on distance. Flak follows a preset pattern in my experience, there is always a gap between the center flak blob and the side flak blobs. Below I have posted two screenshots from a training room example.

And for torpedo bombers, there is effectively no flak at all, because as soon as you start to drop, you go below the flak height and dodge automatically.

So what does this mean? Well, it means I can effectively neutralize AA by finding the gaps in flak and starting my torpedo attack runs as soon as I enter enemy AA. Sure, I will eat continuous DPS from AA, but that means very little compared to flak damage. Now, grouping together means that the flak blobs no longer have little gaps, and it increasing continuous AA, a double whammy that I try to avoid.

CV Spotting

So, flak is apparently easier to dodge than WG thinks, what about spotting? See, here's the problem with that. Under the old CV system, I would have to contend with ships that had greater AA range than their air spotting range (a full AA spec Mino could reach 8.6 km of AA range, while only having a 7.2 km air concealment, meaning that I would have to watch out where the Minotaur was and play accordingly. Now, the Minotaur has an air concealment of 6.9 km, exactly the same as the AA range. Since flak predicts according to plane velocity and takes time to reach the planes, this means I can turn right around and leave the area and only contend with one flak blob at most.


To air spot any target I can drop a fighter, of which I am not punished for losing, because they do not count towards my hangar capacity or I can use my torps with their amazing 6.9 km concealment.. On CN I have to micro my fighters to air spot and I can only loiter for short periods of time or else I risk exposing my allies to enemy strikes (or my strike package to enemy fighters).

The irony of WG buffing air concealment is that it could have happened under the old system, yet WG never even tried. Oh well.


Oh boy. I could go on and on about this for a very long time, but I will keep it short. Dropping a fighter over an allied DD is a dead giveaway to your allied DD's position. The DD must stay close to the fighter to receive the benefits yet it only lasts 1 minute. And past that, the fighter only aggros after the first strike, meaning that the enemy CV has a chance to quickly push a rocket attack and only lose the remainder after the strike. On CN I can instantly destroy an enemy strike package with a single strafe if they are not careful. It takes about 5 seconds to set up and strafe an entire group of planes. This cripples the enemy CV and leads to my next point…

Hangars/Infinite Plane Factories

To be clear, CVs are not really "infinite plane factories". You are punished for losing planes, but you will also always have at least one plane. On CN, I have wiped enemy CVs and punished them hard for misplayed strikes. They have to wait upwards of 30 seconds per squadron to recharge their planes, and then I can just punish them all over again, until they run out of planes (unless they're in a Kaga, in which case they never run outTM). This means that CV players are punished for misplays and can become a useless hull. It used to hurt when your strike package died. It doesn't anymore.

On NA, I can just switch to my next plane type and choose a different target. Hell, my torps have a 20+ hangar capacity, I can lose a full squadron and still have enough for another full squadron. I honestly don't care about losing planes, since I always know that I can just fall onto another squadron.

DD vs CV Interaction

So the main issue that I feel right now with CVs is the DD vs CV interaction. Before, DFAA used to panic planes and protect you until your allied CV came to your aid (and I usually try to protect my allied DDs). Now, we have hitscan rockets that blap you for a quarter of your HP, and your allied CV probably didn't bother to drop a fighter, or if he did then the enemy CV ignored it for his first strike. Sure, there are times where I cross dropped DDs. I won't deny that CVs are extremely strong vs DDs on CN. But that required my skill and the enemy DD to screw up massively and allow himself to be crossdropped.


  • Flak is easy to dodge/cheese, compared to old system.
  • Air spotting is arguably easier now than it was before + air detect changes could have been made before the rework.
  • Fighters are garbage

  • CVs are not punished as harshly for misusing planes
  • CV vs DD interaction is binary now, used to at least have some outplay potential before (although I won't deny that it needed a lot of work)

I understand that these kinds of posts are probably more common than I realize, but I wanted to make a post from the POV of a new CV and old CV player who has played both recently and was/is fairly decent at both.

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