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Why I hate high tier double CV games and they should be removed

WorldOfWarships7 - Why I hate high tier double CV games and they should be removed

Disclaimer: I am a CV player. I love my Midway and in general appreciates the rework a lot. However…

Double CV games are just… an abomination that shouldn't have been brought to the game. At least not at T8/T10. It sucks fun out of everyone — yes, everyone, including CVs. Why?

For a surface ship:

  • No surface ship can withstand two CVs attacking them simultaneously. One side of their AA must be a weak side, so even a Mino cannot prevent two T8 CVs from doing significant damage to her if the CVs played appropriately.

  • With 2 CVs going after the same target, it's very difficult to mitigate the damage. Whereas in a single CV game you can dodge torps/bombs or at least try to do so, and time your DCP, with two CVs you will be attacked for a longer time and from more angles, making it difficult if not impossible do dodge all munitions.

  • 2 CVs bring too much spotting. One CV can only spot one flank max, and with the air concealment buffs they won't spot everything either. With 2 CVs, it's quite common they will be spotting major ships on both flanks simultaneously.

  • 2 CVs make surface ships more likely to blob against planes, while in a single CV game people now has the courage to spread out quite a bit. It tends to make matches a slow grind-fest when two CVs are present in the game.

For a CV:

  • You don't get a health pool to farm damage on. As arrogant as this might sound, CVs cannot go after CVs consistently, and with less surface ships per side, CVs will do less damage per CV due to there being less ships for them to do damage on. Like it isn't hard enough for CVs to do good average damage already.

  • People tend to blob up, which means more AA, less mistakes, and your planes die more quickly/become impossible to strike.

  • Because you cannot strike anything but DDs, you circle a lot on top of a DD and wait them out for 2 minutes while dodging flak and doing 0 damage.

  • With more CVs there will be more fighters. Those stuff are overturned — they will guaranteed a part of your flight dies no matter what. 2 T10 CVs can drop 14 fighters, which will destroy an entire squad and there's nothing you can do about it once the fighters locks on you.

  • CVs often survive into the late game. As CVs struggle to kill each other but two CVs will kill off any isolated ships extremely quickly (happens a lot in the late game when everyone died), it is likely to become CV vs CV in the end and that is an extremely stupid grind. You and your other CV can throw all your planes on the enemy CV, the chance is, he will survive all of that.

TL;DR: In a 2 CV match, surface ships don't get to breath from the threat of planes, and CVs don't get to do damage. It is unfun for everyone, at least at high tiers where CVs have much more reserves and much more powerful strikes. WG should limit T10 CV matches, and potentially T8 ones, to 1 CV maxi.

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