World of Warships

Why i hate this game… And why i love it

WorldOfWarships7 - Why i hate this game... And why i love it

I was playing my omaha (wanted too see how much fun the american cruisers were)

First 7 minutes of the match was just me spamming my guns like a derp, when suddenly an kamikaze from the enemy team starts shooting at me from 7-8 km distance

I quickly start firering at the poor thing, the driver then begins to panic and for some reason decides to hug the island that was close nearby.

At this point I kinda already knew he had dropped his torpedo load on me (nothing sexual I swear, please dont ban me) and activated my mini radar thingy and then spot a buttload of torpedos from the enemy shiratsuyu.

Then I would like to imagine that that eurobeat song starts playing and I go through the torpedoes like a boss… But that didn't happen.

First thing first. I Absolutely LOVE dancing through a line of metal fishies and I start jumping through those shiny tupes. It all went well until I get hit in the butt.

Second thing. I get hit in my rear by a pirana fish from the kamikaze and my engine starts seeing the light. I then use the good ol' R button and fix everything… or so I thought.

Because at the moment the effect ends, a small HE salvo from the kamikaze made my engines say goodbye again. I think "DUCK it!" and starts shooting on the crippler not realising the whole enemy team was somehow right behind him.

Okay so here is a sum up of what is going on. There is me in an crippled boat shooting my HE at an 7000+ kamikaze and there's an 2nd torpedo salvo from the shiratsuyu coming my way. Im sitting with an "comfortably" 9000+ HP and will propably die from an 610 mm torp.

I shoot the kamikaze to oblivion, and then im waiting for my engines to start working so I can dodge the shiratsuyu' torpedoes and leave the crime scene. The unexpected great thing is that none of the torpedoes were even close to hitting me, the shiratsuyu had not expected my double engine failure. When the torpedoes passed me he chose not to shoot at me and gave up, then proceded to leave me alone (which I kinda understand)


When my engines got their stuff together I sailed behind an island for cover and they lose sight of me. Very nice.

Then this furutaka shows up…

(NOTE: we're 12 minuttes in to the match, and my team has already begun in all-out warfare, and everybody was shooting at someone ((except me of course) triple paranthesis, propably didn't expect that one, did ya! )))

I dont know if this furutaka was blind or maybe just didn't understand how the game worked, but he completely IGNORED my existence. The moment I saw him sail past me I was scared. But then he just firered an broadside at one of my teams battleships, and didn't pay me any mind.

I fired my 4 torpedoes. We were at an 3.5 kilometer range and he was ignorant of my existence, and I didn't want him to realise that I exsisted. So I launched my torpedoes

First the left side And then the right side.

3 of my torpedoes hit the ship and I was expecting that cool little sound effect that plays when you kill an enemy, it never came. You see the furtaka was on fire. That means that he takes damage every 1.5 seconds or so. (please feel free to correct me on this)

My torpedoes had done a lot of damage to the furutaka but it hit the torpedo belt. The damage was reduced greatly since it should've killed him.

He died too my teammate which had landed an single hit and started an fire on the ship. Furutaka had less than 300 HP left and died to the fire.

I died while randomly playing around killing some DDs

I this match made me irratated and happy at the same time

Sorry for the long story. But you knew what you walked in on when you clicked the post. Anyway you have earned an potato if you have read the text.

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