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Why Shikishima secondary build is still viable.

WorldOfWarships2 - Why Shikishima secondary build is still viable.

Everyone already knows that the Shikishima main features are it's 510 mm main battery guns which are the largest in the game currently at the moment.

However, not many probably noticed that Shikishima's secondaries are also a unique feature showcasing the Akizuki 100 mm guns with higher HE alpha of 1700 to Akizuki's 1200.

So why go secondary build on her? Because with IFHE, her secondaries can penetrate up to 32 mm of plating which is basically most of the battleships bow/stern and some being the entire hull. These secondaries also fire rapidly which means high DPM and not to mention, it has good firing arcs so that you can fire most of your secondaries without exposing your delicate cheeks.

However with the recent change of commander skills and the "Manual Secondaries" accuracy being nerfed by quite a large margin, is it still worth going secondaries on her as her secondaries base accuracy haven't been buffed unlike the Germans.

My answer is YES! Absolutely.

Here's why.

Pre-commander change, you needed at minimum 2 level 4 skills which were IFHE and Manual Secondaries to be effective which left only 1 free level 4 skill you could take which would most likely be between:

A. AFT (Offensive skill)
B. CE (Offensive/Defensive skill)
C. FP (Defensive skill)


If you took AFT to maximize your secondaries. you would be very vulnerable to fires. Concealment was something you could afford to lose since you would be going into spotting range anyways. FP would be the correct choice in regards to the 3 points but that means having less than 10 km range of secondaries which wasn't ideal but beggars can't be choosers.

However for post-commander change, the replacement for AFT (Secondary range increase) is moved to a 3 point skill and IFHE is moved to the 2 point skill.

This means you can have the max range of secondaries with IFHE and the replacement of manual secondaries. This frees up 2 level 4 skills you can take. You could still reach the full potential of secondaries if you forgo the BFT replacement and can have both FP and CE/SI.

Personally, I took the BFT replacement which is now 4 points for the decrease in main battery reload and of course fire prevention for survivability. No need for concealment nor the extra heal since I am pushing in anyways and expected to not be able to use all my heal charges.


Pre-commander change
+Better secondary accuracy
-Only 1 level 4 skill available

Post-commander change
+2 level 4 skill available
+Lowers reload of main battery and secondaries (If you take it)
-Lower secondary accuracy

So all in all, your overall ship performance improves while sacrificing some secondary accuracy.

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