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Why the CV rework enrages me as someone who liked RTS

WorldOfWarships1 - Why the CV rework enrages me as someone who liked RTS

Hello Captains,

Please consider that this is not the average "CV rework bad get back to RTS post". Instead, I will try to initiate a thoughtful discussion, so please dont be a troll. Also, this is going to be a long post, so skip to TLDR at the end if you want.

Firstly, some background on me as a player. I played appprox. 200 battles three years ago but was a complete potato. What got me back to WoWS was the complete failure of WoWP rework (update 2.0) which forced me to stop even though I had been playing Warplanes for 1 year at that point. I watched some videos on the RTS CVs and was attacted to WOWS. And before you accuse me of being a CV main, I have to say the around 50% of my battles are in cruisers and 23% in carriers, out of 1600 battles.

Now, why the CV rework enrages me:

As someone who like the RTS concept I was obviously sad to see my beloved game mode leave. However that did not enrage me, but what did make me angry was WG's approach.

CV players had suggested countless times improvements to the RTS system that would make the game more fun to EVERYONE. Too much spotting on low AA DDs? Exponential AA damage and health bars on the planes. Strafes are too decisive? Lower the strafe damage and increase the fighters' ammunition. Introduce fuel to the planes. Tweak the alpha damage/ flood-fire chance.

As someone with programming experience, I know that all these change could take 1-2 DAYS to be implemented and would require at most 2-3 WEEKS of balancing?

And the most important part would be that it would make the game more FUN and ENGAGING for EVERYONE.

Although it would be a slight nerf to the unicum CVs, the fun factor of everyone else would be much more improved and thus worth it.

However, WG decided to go with the Action CVs, which I pretty much knew that would be doomed from the start, and here is why:

Changing a class that has received the most hate for a couple of YEARS means that there will not be a lot of NEW CV mains. This is because almost all who liked the RTS dont like the action (and its understandable, since the action CVs are directed to a different audience). However, all the BB/DD/CA-CL mains have found what type of gameplay they love so there is no reason for them to switch classes right?


However, WG could have tackled this problem if they made truly 'fun and engaging' rework and made sure not to start with a complete sh*tstorm. The flying shimakaze strategy by iChase and the F-Spam are things that should have never gone to the live server.

My main problem with the rework at this stage that to me shows how much WG messed up, is that they already have gone to the mentality 'it's better to sacrifice the fun factor of the CVs as long as the others are having fun' aka nerf all CVs to the ground. Hakuryu is not by any means viable now, and the +/-2 MM makes it impossible to balance all the tiers.

Not 1 month has passed and already WG got themselves in a corner. That's not what I was promised!

And maybe the fundamental problem with the CV rework is that the AA interaction with planes is IMPOSSIBLE to balance for BOTH the CV and the ship. This is because if most of the damage comes from the flak clouds, then a skilled CV player will make the ships players feel that they have 0 AA, while the opposite will make the CV player feel as if skill doesn't matter. That's why the in the RTS system the AA was actually a decent SYSTEM. Sure it had its flaws and was a bit too skewed, but it was much easier for the programmers to balance it (as if they would do something for the CVs, but still).

And don't get me started on the lead gameplay designer's response to Farazelleth, or the automatic consumables and the fact that 'the playerbase is too dumb to control two things at the same time', as even the average potato Conqueror players do two thigs at the same time (turn broadside to the enemy and aim).


Concluding, WG wasted a lot of resources on something, imo, would definitely fall short of their expectations. Small changes that I mentioned (exponential AA, fuel, plane hp bars and reworked strafe mechanics) would require much less resources and make the game much more enjoyable for everyone.

At least the China servers are still at 0.7.3 so whoever wants can follow Farazelleth.

Thank you for reading, and I am looking forward to reading your responses!

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