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Why ‘unlimited’ planesfrom the rework is better than having ‘limited’ planes

WorldOfWarships1 - Why 'unlimited' planesfrom the rework is better than having 'limited' planes

Well it's that time comrades. I'm making my CV post and absolutely obliterating my karma in the process.

Basically I'm addressing the misconception that the old ways of the CV having all his planes at the start is better than the new ways of 'plane factories'. In a nutshell, the new CV's do not have unlimited planes. Sure they regenerate, but in the long run, it amounts to having about the same amount of planes total. People who do not play CV, I guess assume that the CV regenerates planes a lot faster than they do.

Let's do some math. Lexington for example, can take ~76 seconds to generate 1 plane. A single squadron from lexington is 9 planes. That is ~684 seconds, or 11.4 minutes to regen a full squadron that is lost. And there is the fact that planes stop regenerating if the deck space is full.

Basically what I'm saying is that planes are theoretically unlimited given that matches never end. But since matches in World of warships have a time limit, they are limited, and the rate at which the planes regenerate falls within the total amount of planes pre-rework.

This regeneration is ment to force the player to vary the squadrons they send out instead of spamming one type of squadron.

But imagine if CV gets all of the planes at the beginning of the match. That would mean the unicum CV players can throw out 3 waves of rocket planes one after the other to hunt DD's at the beginning of the match.


Conversely potato CV's could have all of their planes annihilated in the first couple of minutes in the match, and be forced into a battering ram.

Basically what I'm saying is that bringing back the limited CV could amplify the problems that surface (mainly DD) players have with CV.

It would basically bring back the problems of making bad CV players absolutely useless and good/great CV rofl stomps the opposing into the ground. This is what the rework partially attempted to fix in the first place.

The majority of people advocating for this change are people who like RTS CV wanting part of it back, or people that think limited planes means that the CV only has whatever is on the deck at the beginning of the game and cannot reinforce squadrons.

TLDR: The old guard of RTS CV players trying to trick the non CV players into giving them part of their powers back so they can vaporize DDs in a swarm of rocket planes with very little cooldown.

I'm sorry for any formatting errors as I'm doing this on mobile. I'm not explaining things amazingly either as its 1:30 in the morning where I am, burning hope I am at least getting my point across

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