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Why WG removed premium time from Santa Crates

WorldOfWarships3 - Why WG removed premium time from Santa Crates

WG loves to make money. This is no secret and all the power to them. However for WG to make money, people need to spend money. And quite frankly I don’t think people are spending money, or at least as much as they used to.

This can be attributed to a number of reasons:

  1. Lacklustre premiums. I don’t think there have been any notable purchasable premiums this year. Personally for me I was close to spending on the Vanguard and the Jean Bart but when I realised the issues with the ships and what I already have to play, it did not seem worthwhile to spend the money. There will always be whales, but WG needs to diversify if they want to keep making a profit. You can only milk the community so much, take a look at the Black Friday ships.

  2. T10 camos. T10 camos making playing T10 ships economically viable. WG makes money when you buy doubloons, not what you spend it on. In fact if you had doubloons lying around which you had previously bought, WG doesn’t benefit if you spend them on a T10 camo since the ship now goes from a net loss to a net profit. It would rather you waste your doubloons on consumables, hence why there is no warning when you are spending doubloons on consumables or camos.

  3. New camos, flags and more free xp. The other way WG made money was when people convert to free XP. However with the removal of C-Hulls on a lot of ships and generally improvements to stock ships, there incentive to skip unbearable hulls and modules has reduced. And even if you do want to skip, the plethora of new highly rewarding camos and flags makes accumulating xp and free xp much easier, further reducing the grind and incentive to skip hulls, modules or ships.

  4. Previous premium time. It is obvious to anyone that the game is generally pushing for high tier games. Clan battles are T10, Ranked was T10, a lot of campaigns for epic captains require high tier ships. And if you had premium time rolling over from last Christmas, you don’t really feel the economic hurt to play high tier ships. Santa crates were previously a fantastic way to spend maybe $100-200 and get a good amount of premium time, a good stack of premium ships and a whole stack of camos and flags to get you through the grind. But if profit is your game, then it makes no sense to offer so much for as little as $100-200. Hence the massive nerfing to Santa crates year after year. I remember the first day Santa crates originally came out. I bought 5 big/huge crates and got a Kutuzov (1), 90 days of premium (3) and a Eugen (5). I may have been very lucky, but other people received similar drops as well. This time around my first 5 big crates gave me a crappy Monaghan, a crappy T6 DD which I will never play.

All in all, it seems that the common reaction to any company trying to recover profit from diminishing sales is to jack up prices or keep prices the same but reduce the quality of what you are receiving. Unfortunately this is not a good reaction and is harmful in the long terms. For example, you can look at Apple, sure they are still profitable but rising prices coupled with worsening build quality and shoddy support leaves a very sour taste in the mouth. And in the long run it is not good for business.

Ultimately I think WG should rethink their strategy, maybe slow down the pace of big events and the need to grind, and encourage clan and friend activity. Having friends that play a game is the surest way to attract and keep a potential customer.

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