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Winners and Losers of the captains skill rework?

WorldOfWarships3 - Winners and Losers of the captains skill rework?

So, after a few weeks this is what I can gather on the winners/losers of the skill rework. I haven't been able to play on the test server personally so please let me know if you have more thoughts on this:

BB's: Seems to be clear cut here. While strangely most of the 4 point skills in all ships trees come with huge downsides, Marksman is just a strait up HUGE buff to sniping BB's, dispersion being such a valuable stat. Encourages back of the line 1 shot cruiser killers which isn't particularly fun for anyone but the camping BB doing it. 10% seems way too much.

Unless the change to secondaries is altered it's a huge Nerf to brawlers and secondary builds. Outside of the fact you really don't want to be in a situation where you're firing secondaries from both dies of the ship (that means you're going to be dead shortly) the dispersion nerf to the 4 point manual secondary skill means it takes twice as long to kill anything with secondaries. Brawlers are dead.

So in short, fireing from 24km out great, get in close you are even more screwed then before. Other then that doesn't seem to be any major changes to skills, some DPS buffs for AP with big downsides. As a matter of fact most trees in general have big downsides to any kind of dps increase (except pretty much for marksman)

Cruisers: From what I can see, it's a big buff to cruisers who don't care about concealment and a big nerf to those that do. Demo man's 10% HE damage increase +15% concealment naturally stacks with 4 point -8% reload skill if there is a ship in your detectability range. We're looking at a 25% damage increase that cruisers never had before. For cruisers that really depend on their concealment though (like Zao) this seems to make them even more irrelevant. Looks like Henri's going to be back in the Meta though doing conqueror DPS on an 8 sec reload. Also a nice little buff to AP damage with no downside.

4 point brawler skill to those that have tested it is almost completely useless. This lines up with the strange tenancy to have 4 point skills with incredibly stupid downsides that don't work vs 4 point skills that are simply amazing. Also lines up with the tendency to make closer quarters specialist suck in general. The Asia servers will love the rework.

The other big news here is Super cruisers can't really build for fire prevention anymore to cover their big weakness. Which is a nice nerf TBH I'm tired of them being "a cruiser but better"


Oh, and any kind of meme secondary cruiser is completely out. You lose access to all of those skills. The bizarre passive 10% increase to secondaries on the 8% reload 4 pt skill makes 0 sense to me, but then again it's not like the people designing these skills actually play their own game.

1 last thing, Dakka Dakka crusiers with 16 DD guns have been castrated with no range increase (they lose AFT). I think they are baking it into the Atlanta but too bad so sad for smolensk and colbert. (more sad for the colbert, does anyone really regret the death of smolensk except the people playing it)


I love playing Dakka Dakka DD's, unfortunately the rework is a big nerf for them and a huge WIN for stealthy torpedo DD's. All DPS and reloading skills have been nerfed across the board. Adrenaline rush is now 3pts (this is for all ships, and understandably it was very strong) but sadly BFT is now literally half of what it was (5% vs 10%) for the same 3 pt cost. Even worse the same 10% reload you got for 3 points is now 4 points, and it only works when you are spotted, and worse yet it tacks on 5% concealment, which kind of works as a skill synergy but in my opinion stripping you of your most powerful stat is a major nerf. Great for the Kleber and Khabarosk I guess.

The 8% ship speed while not detected is quite interesting but sadly hits your reload speed. An amazing skill on the Yolo Emilo though since it's % based, but I think not so good on slower DD's, an 8% increase on 35knots is like 3 1/2 knots. I'm going to pay 4pts for that, on top of it being situational and on top of losing 5% reload?

On the other hand, a bunch of awesome skills to make torpedoing DD's better and and harder to hit and do more damage. If you're a Torp DD you love this rework. The torp speed being changed to % though is a strange change, it benefits the fastest torpedoes the most which is the opposite of what it should be doing.


Screw CV's who cares. GJ ruining the game for everyone else. How hard is it to make it so they don't spot for other ships.

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