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[WIP] Some issues regarding the 18″ guns on “Georgia”

WorldOfWarships6 - [WIP] Some issues regarding the 18" guns on "Georgia"

The 0.8.2 test version has been datamined on gamemodels3d, and I took the opportunity to look over the characteristics of "Georgia". It turns out that the gun that WG decided to implement is the 18" (457mm)/47 Mark A prototype rather than a production-level 18"/48 gun. The only reason the prototype Mark A was an L/47 was that the weapon was originally the 18"/48 Mark 1, then relined to the 16"/56 experimental gun, before being converted back to having an 18" liner; the second relining necessitated cutting off the threaded tip, thus shortening the prototype slightly. A production-level 18" (457mm) gun would certainly be L/48, and this is reflected by the characteristics of the
april 1938 slow design scheme - [WIP] Some issues regarding the 18" guns on "Georgia"

April 1938 design scheme which listed the main armament as nine 18"/48 guns1,2. This is also reinforced by Robert Sumrall's book3, page 66. In short, there is no indication that a production level 18" gun would be L/47 like in the game, so the weapon should frankly be changed to 18"/48 Mark 2.

Now, as for performance, the muzzle velocity for the 1,746 kg (3,850 lb) APC shell is the same 732 m/s (2,400 ft/s) as the 18"/47 prototype, but here I think a case can be made for using this value. While Robert Sumrall's book speculates that a production level 18"/48 would have fired the shell at 762 m/s (2,500 ft/s)3, I've recently spoken with Bill Jurens, and he is of the opinion that a 2,400 ft/s service velocity may have been the target value in order to lower the required chamber pressure, thus allowing for a lighter weapon and potentially closer gun axis separation spacing for the turrets. As it stands, running muzzle energy conversion calculations lends some credence to the 732 m/s muzzle velocity. I think the value that WG should be fine. Aside from that, the AP shells have drag coefficient of 0.341, comparable to the 16" AP Mark 8, higher than what its real life characteristics would suggest, but probably a balancing decision by WG.


However, Krupp is unusually low, 2,390 compared to the 2,520 of the AP Mark 8. Someone ran the numbers in the penetration calculator and as it stands, the guns currently have
penetration comparable to Conqueror's 457mm guns. In my opinion, I’m skeptical about the viability of the gun’s current performance on "Georgia", given the low barrel count and 30 second reload.

As a side note, based on the datamined values, the main armor deck (2nd deck) thickness of 130 mm on Georgia does not appear to include the STS backing plate (which would be 19 mm for this design scheme), whereas every other American battleship (except for Montana, for some odd reason), does. I believe this should be corrected as it may affect interactions with AP bombs.


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