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World of Warships introducing scavenger hunt gaming!

WorldOfWarships3 - World of Warships introducing scavenger hunt gaming!

World of Warships is pleased to announce another form of gaming to go along with the puzzle gaming mission structures we have already introduced into the game. This has been such a resounding success that we have decided to introduce scavenger hunt notingameplay. We are titling it “Where's Warships?” and it will involve searching for hard to find objects and buttons on our website and in our news articles for all our new in game content. We decided that people were not having fun out of the game and wanted to add a fun factor to everything we provide out of game. We anticipate this will lead to many hours of fun and enjoyment trying to find all the buttons to obtain the in game items. We plan on expanding it to include finding items on our facebook page, tweets and will also have “participate” buttons buried deep in both World of Warplanes and Total war: Arena for some of our new World of Warships content. We anticipate that this will lead to you to having fun for as much time out of game as you spend in the game.


We do understand that this announcement will be upsetting to some people, and to those people we would like to apologize that we cannot have all in game content unlocked out of game in this scavenger hunt notingameplay, and we will have to leave the tech tree xp system in game for the time being. We hope you all enjoy this notingameplay!!

OK, satire aside, anyone else sick of just about every new in game content being gated behind participate buttons that are not in game? The proliferation of these participate buttons is getting extremely frustrating as the more of them there are, the easier it is to miss one. I'm sick and tired of having to find every stupid button wherever they decide to hide it.

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