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World of Warships Written How To Guide: Thunderer

WorldOfWarships5 - World of Warships Written How To Guide: Thunderer

Hello, my name is Armede and i decided i want to help players improve their performance in World of Warships, i originally wanted to make video guides however since i am not a native english speaker i do struggle to properly explain using my voice, so i thought i should give writing a shot.

I decided i want to feature the tier 10 British Battleship Thunderer because it is pending to be removed in update 0.10.1 (First week of February if i am not wrong).This ship is considered the most broken in the game and in this guide i hope to help you maximize your efficiency and increase your influence over the battle.I plan to explain certain tactics and positioning you can try to push the ship to the maximum potential.


Thunderer is the sister ship of the infamous fire starter HMS Conqueror, Wargaming took the 457mm version of the Conqueror and decided to make some money off it, they changed some parameters mostly on the guns and the heal and it produced the literal definition of a glass cannon(A very annoying one aswell)The ship can be currently obtain from the Armory for around 250k coal (180k with the coupon).It is currently the second best sniper behind Slava and better than Yamato/Shikishima.

Parameter Analysis

Let's analyze the base characteristics of this ship

  • Survivability(100)
  1. The ship has the identical 82 900 HP of the Conqueror,it is basically copy paste, as result you have the 2nd lowest HP of all tier X BBs only beating Bourgogne.

  2. You sit at 28% Torpedo Protection which is pretty mediocre, luckily the ship;s passive gamestyle means you will not be encountering DDs anytime soon.

NOTE: WG somehow still gave it 100 Survivability(pass me that weed WeeGee)

  • Artillery(99)
  1. You have Conqueror's 457mm Rifles placed in 4 turrets wth 2 guns each, 2 in the bow 2 in the stern. Now comes the fun part.

  2. For some reason WG decided it would be a good idea to give it a reload comparable to republiques, you sit at an amazing 22.9 seconds of reload(all benefits applied).I am just starting

  3. On top of that the ship has supercruiser dispersion(if you do not know,super cruisers get their own dispersion pattern that is somewhere between a cruiser and a battleship,except Siegfried)Making it the most accurate tier X BB only rivaled by the Slava at longer ranges.You thought it's over.

  4. Thunderer's HE sits at 8200 alpha damage,this is citadel damage so to get the penetration damage you divide it by 3(same goes for AP aswell),with an absurd 63% Fire Chance and an insane 114mm HE Penetration,for reasons unknown British battleships(and CAs) get the german 1/4 HE penetration that means no battleship plating in the game can shatter your HE.

  5. Thunderer's AP is also pretty good especially combined with it's tight dispersion, each individual shell has 14900 alpha damage which is rougly the same as Yamato or Kremlin but lower than Ohio's or Vermont's 15500 alpha.

  6. The shell velocity is pretty bad sitting at around 760 m/s however due to the size of your guns the shells will have little air drag,that means in terms of taking lead it is similar to Yamato/Shikishima.

  7. Secondaries are the British 113mm guns found the Lightining, but with 6 seconds of reload,TL:DR:Secondaries Bad,Take Manual Secondaries and i will pay you a visit.

  8. Lastly, this ship has a very good 24.3km of range

  • AA Defense(82)
    Not much to say here,you have a very good 613 DPS on your mid range aura, however if you play the game for a decent ammount of time you will know that it will not stop a tier 10 CV from attacking you.

  • Manuevrability(43)
  1. Starting off with the speed,you have a decent 29.5 knot speed,higher than Yamato's and Vermont's

  2. You have a mediocre turning circle of 940m,however take this with a pinch of salt as the values showcased in the game might not be accurate

  3. You have a pretty good rudder shift time of 10,4 seconds(perfect for your torpbeats)

  • Concealment(47)
    You have the best concealment of all tier 10 BBs by a significant margin,sitting at 12,3 km you can outspot a hefty ammount of cruisers (You thought it was a DD but it was me THUNDERER!)


  • Main Armaments Modification 1:Pretty standard,Thunderer has squishy turrets because of their frontal plating not being angled at all,they tend to break a fair bit

  • Damage Control System Modification 1:Standard one aswell,Thunderer is a squishy ship and you do not want to be set on fire(duh)

  • Aiming Systems Modification 1:Always go for the extra dispersion,battleships are oppurtunistic ships and you must maximize the damage out of any oppurtunity you get

  • Damage Control System Modification 2:Look the 2nd mod above

  • Concealment System Modification 1:Standard,concealment is passive tanking and on a ship that relies on being dark to tank this is of utmost importance

  • Main Battery Modification 3:Take range and i will slap you.Extra reload always good,if you had the option to take better dispersion then you would take better dispersion because in a BB accuracy is always superior to dakka.

Captain Skills

  • Priority Target:Pretty important in my opinion,there are 2 major uses for it:
  1. It allows you to know how many people are focusing and helping you decide if you want to play more or more risky

  2. If you are being hunted down by a DD you will know when he is torping you whenever the indicator will drop by 1,this helps you take evasive manuevers earlier

  • Adrenaline Rush:Thunderer is a ship that will eat damage so having a reload boost when your hp drops makes it less of a painful trade

  • Superintedent:Standard,having an extra consumable is always good

  • Concealment Expert:Concealment=Tankiness

  • Fire Prevention:Standard for all non secondary battleships in the game

  • Expert Loader:To achieve maximum efficiency you want to switch ammunition types as opportunities arise

  • Expert Marksman:better turret traverse(stock is 45 seconds)

  • High Alert: I like it more since if you overextende you will get HE spammed and having a faster DCP is always helpful

ALTERNATIVELY(after you take Fire Prevention)

  • Basics of Survivability

  • Jack of all Trades/High Alert


This is what i want to put more emphansis on in my guide because a lot of other guides have some holes in explaining how to properly perform,i am not the best player but i will share all what i know.


Thunderer is a long to medium range sniper with a very high degree of versatility due to its ability to damage target regardless of their angling+it's very good dispersion.

  • Positioning:
    In my opnion the most important aspect of the game is POSITIONING, i can't highlight it enough.How you perform is defined by where you are on the map at any given time,this is what defines your efficiency and knowledge of how to position is how you will ascend into Unicumness in World of Warships

Flank Witherer: this name is quite literal,your purpose when trying to goto a flank is find a ship and HE spam him untill he ragequits,setting fires is very easy in this ship(so much it should be considerer cheating),find a poor sod and burn him down and do so to each ship in that flank one by one

You can contribute to map control by focusing your firepower in one flank and forcing it to collapseIf you are needed in the other flank to help fill holes in your team's defense it will take a lot of time to reposition
Easier to create an oppurtunity to pushIf the action shifts on the other flank you will have to wait untill you can jump in action again
High ammounts of damageIf the enemy team abandons your flank from the start you will end up doing nothing for the first 5 minutes of the match
You remove the risk of getting crossfired and citadeledLack of flexibility,AP most likely will not be a good option because enemy ships will be angled

Central Position Broadside Hunter:This position is better if you wish to have a higher winrate however it is a high rish high reward so always be careful.Going in the middle of the map is the best way to get broadsides to insert you huge AP in.AP focused ships have a higher winrate than HE focused ships mostly because AP pens are 50% healable and AP citadels are 10% healable on Battleships and 30% on Cruisers(besides Nevsky).TLDR:You will have more influence and your damage will be more meaningful

Easier to reposition to a flank if you are needed thereMost of the time you will be alone so DDs and CVs can ruin your day
Effectively using your firepower in crossfires with your battleships in the flanksIt does not work on some maps that have big island in between the 2 flanks
Ability to get to shoot at enemy broadside with AP easierNot newbie friendly,requires a lot of situational awareness

Other Advices

  • At 17km+:Use HE only since i found the AP to have poor results due to a combination of slow shell velocity and bad horizontal dispersion

  • Below 17km:Swith between the 2 ammunition types depending on the situation:

  1. HE on nose in battleships

  2. AP on broadside Cruisers and Batttleships

  • It is not recommended you take duels on this ship unless you are decently far,you DO NOT HAVE Conqueror's super heal and so you can not employ it's gamestyle which is take a fight,heal and fight again then rinse and repeat.When you take a fight you want to make sure you have an advantage over the enemy and most of the time that advantage is range.
    NOTE:you do not want to sit at the back line and snipe all game long,for maximum efficiency you always want to reposition closer if it is safe/or there is opportunity since thunderer is a slowish ship you want to plan ahead how you will position.
    NOTE 2:Overextending is very punishing in this ship,always be careful.

  • One last tip i have to give you regarding your survival which might seem trivial:Never sit bow in this ship , i have seen a lot of people do it for some reason(at least on NA) the ideal position when taking a duel is always angled in and running(kiting positiong).

That is all i have for now,i hope you guys found it helpful and if you have more questions feel free to ask me,i plan to write more of them since i think video guides are oversaturated and i have not seen too many written guides in the forums or here.

I would gladly appreciate any feedback for improving future guides also sorry in advance for my english 😛

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