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World of Warships Written How To Guide:Atlanta

WorldOfWarships1 - World of Warships Written How To Guide:Atlanta

Hello, after few weeks of exams and other time eating activities i am back writing the next guide for World of Warships. I have free time now and after this installment i will begin writing guides for tech tree ships and i will also consider explaining certain mechanics in their own guides( map control, overmatch, pens etc.). The first tech tree line i will feature is going to be the US Heavy Cruisers, starting from the Pensacola tomorrow all the way to the Des Moines in few days.

NOTE:This guide can also be viable for the Colbert, since the 2 ships are extremely similar, however the Frenchlanta can be a bit more flexible.


Atlanta is one of the first premium ships ever released into the game, she is the mother of all DPM cruisers. Despite all the changes throughout the years, i still enjoy playing the ship. If you are looking for the Colbert experience but you do not want to grind tech tree lines again this is the ship for you!

Parameter Analysis

Spoiler Alert: It is a glass cannon.

  • Survivability (39)
  1. Atlanta sits at a rather poor 27 500, similar to a stock tier 7 cruiser.

  2. You have an absolutely amazing torpedo protection, you do not want to be eating torps, try to avoid any risk of getting torped in this ship.

  • Artillery (30)
  1. Atlanta features 16 127mm guns placed in 8 double turrets, 3 in the front, 3 in the back, 2 on the side(one on each side).

  2. Pretty bad 13.3km main battery range.

  3. An impressive 4,8 seconds of reload.

  4. Extemely floaty shell arcs, aiming is extremely difficult, however it provides you the advantage of using island cover and shooting from behind.

  5. Destroyer guns means you have very low HE and AP alpha for a cruiser.

  6. Pretty poor 792 meters per second shell velocity made worse by the extreme air drag of the shells due to the small caliber.

  • Torpedoes (16)
  1. Atlanta has 8 torpedoes in 2×4 torpedo tubes.

  2. Horrible range of 4,5 km.

  3. Decent speed of 65 knots.

  4. Overall the torpedos are unusable most of the time, unless you decide to yolo someone.

  • AA Defense (75)
  1. Atlanta is one of the best AA ships at tier 7 but that says little, AA is generally worthless nowadays unless you build for it.

  2. Atlanta spits 5 flak explosions and 187 continous damage.

  • Manuevrability (59)
  1. Good speed of 34,1 knots.

  2. Very good turning radius of 610m.

  3. Very good rudder shift time 8,4 seconds.

  • Concealment (68)
  1. Atlanta has an impressive 9,6 km of Detectability, however because of the short range the maximum range/concealment ratio is pretty poor which means you can't effectively make use of your concealment.


  1. Damage Control Party: Standard DCP, Atalanta loses turrets very fast, ideally you want to avoid fights where you do not have island cover, always conserve it depending on how much you are going to be under fire.

  2. Hydroacoustic Search: Normal Hydro 3km torpedo detectability and 4km of ship detectability, it works really well if you decide to ruin Destroyer's life.

  3. Defensive AA Fire: In terms of stats, this is a standard consumable, however you have UNLIMITED charges of it, even though Def AA is pretty useless on itself, combined with the new AA skills introduced in update 10.0 you can make some use of it against CVs.

Armor Layout

Have you ever wondered what a DD with a citadel looks like? Look no further.

  • Plating (Sterm, Bow, Deck) : 13 mm
    Atlanta is coated with 13 mm everywhere, that means that HE will murder you, and most importantly, 203mm AP shells will overmatch you and potentially citadel you.

  • Citadel (89mm at its thickest)
  1. In length the citadel is pretty small, it stretches throughout the middle section of the ship, in height however, the citadel occupies the lower half of the broadside, do your best to keep that hidden.

  2. Due to how thin the ship is and with the poor armor of the citadel, at closer ranges you can sit broadside to enemy battleships and get overpened (just like Smolensk), this is a worst case scenario solution, you do not want to have to take a fight where the enemy can actually shoot you.

  • Turrets (32mm)
  1. Your turrets are as easy to break as an iPhone screen, rumours are that the poor anger of you being farmed from a ship hiding behind an island can break Atlanta turrets, they are paper and they will break even when being shot by HE.


  • Main Armaments Modification 1: As i said above, atlanta turrets are paper thin, this is vital for the survivability of your guns.

  • Engine Room Modification 1: Due to having no armor, HE can actually break your engine, generally i prefer this over the alternative because in general you do not want to get shot at, having your engine availale is vital for you to be able to reposition away from danger.

  • Aiming Systems Modification 1: You do not have much of a choice here, you can alternatively take AA guns modification 1 if you want to build for AA.

  • Propulsion Modification 1: As all island campers you want to be able to quickly reposition depending on how the match unfolds, acceleration is key into repositioning quickly.

Alternatively at the 2nd slot you can run the enhanced consumable upgrades (mainly radar).

Captain Skills

There is not much variety with atlanta mostly because the ship performs exclusively using only one gamestyle.

  • Standard Build:
  1. Last Stand: Took this as an not-anything-better skill.

  2. Priority Target:It is a personal favourite although it is not as important in the atlanta.

  3. Superintedent: Extra consumables always good, ideally you want to take this skill if you are using Hydroacoustic as you have unlimited Defensive AA fire.

  4. Concealment Expert: Standard, it is not as useful as in other ships mainly because Atlanta plays around islands all the time.

  5. Top Grade Gunner:This servers to replace BFT, keep in mind that there will be often ships within your detectability radius so you can make use of the enhanced reload, Atlanta is intendent to sit behind islands so enemy ships getting inside your concealment radius should not be a great issue. Also great when radaring DDs

  6. Adrenaline Rush: Standard, ideally you do not want to get damaged.

  7. Consumables Enhancements: This is best used on a radar ship as Atlanta, combine this with the improved radar upgrade and you have a very disgusting DD hunter.

  8. Pyrotehnician: I could not find anything more useful to take.

Alternavitvely you can drop Concealment Expert for Heavy HE and SAP shells in order to enhance your farming capacity.

Playstyle and Positioning

I have combined the 2 chapters into one for this guide mainly because the ship actually performs y island camping which is a gamestyle and a positioning tactic

Island Camping

  • As i mentioned before Atlanta has very floaty shell arcs made worse by the air drag of the shells (due to the small caliber) however that is not a bad thing, as result of this Atlanta can very reliably sit behind islands and shoot over them due to the catapult like guns.

  • Atlanta is extremely flexible when it comes down to what islands it can sit behind, other ships like a Des Moines need very specific islands to sit behind in order for the shells to actually fly over the island, this is not an issue for the Atlanta as you can shoot over even tall islands.

  • You should be applying this tactic most of the time, the whole purpose is to remain unscratched, you do not have any sort of survivability, your main way of tanking is being hidden. You do not want to fight in Open Water.

  • This is a difficult gamestyle to master because it requires knowledge of the maps and how the enemy is most likely to position, it is perhaps the most non newbie friendly tactic, however because Atlanta is the most flexible ship for this kind of tactic means that this ship is also the easiest to learn how to effectively position behind islands or finding the right islands.

  • If you like planning ahead and making calculated moves, this is the tactic for you. Atlanta teaches you how to use your cruiser's utility, using cover to conceal yourself allows you to position more agressively for a cruiser and be able to contest capture points.

This is a vague representation of how you want to position in an Atlanta, i will talk a bit more about certain conditions you need to look out to find a good position.

  1. As you can see with green letters in the picture, Deterrence. You want to position in a flank where you have enough teammates that will deter the enemy from pushing and overrunning you.

  2. Island height: always make sure you find a place that your shells will be able to fly over the island you are sitting next to.

  3. Not getting spotted:You do not want to get spotted in the atlanta when in Open Water due to the low HP pool and and bad armor, you do not want to take hits, as you can see in the picture ,the enemy can not see the middle section of the ship, which means they can't spot the ship.

  4. Escape route: Always try to plan positions you can retreat to if your team performs badly on your side of the map, you want to be able to predict what will happen so you can take action early on, however this requires a fair bit of practice.

  5. Atlanta is an active ship, you want to constatly change your position depending on what happens, even small changes can be enough to force you to take action.

NOTE 1:I will not include kiting in this chapter because it involves firing while running in open water, you want to avoid open water gunfighting in an Atlanta at all costs, the ship just melts even when someone is barely looking at you

NOTE 2:As i said in the Moskva guide, taking a stationary position is better when there are no CVs, however because Atlanta only performs as an island camper, you will want to take this position regardless of CV presence as you do not have a better alternative.


  • Use sequential fire (hold left mouse button) when firing, it makes adjusting your lead way easier.

  • If you forced into a close range engagement with a battleship, show him full broadside as he is most likely to overpen your citadel and not delete you.

  • In the beginning of the match you can sneak into Destroyer smoke and try to help them kill the enemy DDs, make sure there are no enemy radar ships in the vicinity and also make sure you have Hydroacoustic Search to be able to dodge the incoming torpedoes.

  • Use AP on broadside ships superstructure, at ranges below 7km you can citadel other cruisers.


I recommend Atlanta to any players who wish to learn how to understand cruiser positioning better and how to use their utility most effectively, it is not an easy ship to play but it will help you prepare for high tier American cruisers. It is a very fun ship with an active gamestyle, it is a high risk high reward ship. It makes blasting DDs very satisfying.

I am really sorry for this guide being shorter, i just do not think there is too much to say about how this ship plays, you do not have a lot of gamestyles to apply, the only one you can effectively use is flexible and very fun but it will take practice to be succesfull in it.

If i forgot anything i will try to update the post.
If you guys have any questions, need help or want to just do some divs together( i play on NA server) feel free to join my discord: I can also do discord streams and show you specific ships. Everyone is welcome!

P.S: I will update the commander skills on the previous guides too.

TLDR: Islands are your waifus

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