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World’s Worst Warships Review by Drachinifel (Part 1 and 2)

WorldOfWarships6 - World's Worst Warships Review by Drachinifel (Part 1 and 2)

So naval history YouTuber Drachinifel made a book review of Antony Preston's World's Worst Warships:

Where he goes over the ships listed in the book and states why he agrees and disagrees with the choices made in the book. What I want to ask is what do you guys all think of the book, which ships rightfully belong in it, which ships do not belong in it and which ships should've been included in it. Keep in mind this book covers ships after the start of the ironclad era and before the most modern ships today so don't choose ships too early or too late.

Anyways, some ships I would include that were not included in the book

USS Ranger CV-4: Very lightly built to the point where it was accepted amongst many (though don't know if it was actually true) that a single torpedo hit would snap the ship in two. Because of slowish speed (come on, 26-29 knots is not that slow when USS Langley could barely make 15), lack of torpedo bombers and overall vulnerability, she was not sent to the Pacific but rather the smaller escort carriers were. Still not sure why though.

USS Wasp: More of an honourable mention, similar reasons with Ranger though not nearly as structurally weak. Sure her armour was very limited but it wasnt like the Soryu and Hiryu had armour to speak of and no one really critises those for being very weak (mostly just meh) so there you at it.

IJN Tomozuru: A torpedo boat so top heavy she capsized and caused a massive change and rebuild of many IJN warships. There is top heavy, then there is Mogami and then there is Ryujo. And then there is Tomozuru.


Alaska: Again, more honourable mentions then actually terrible design (her actual design was very solid) but since Preston rates ships based on what they were able to do and what they did, if you are going to include the Yamatos and Bismarcks, why not include the overly expensive large cruisers that did little more than what a cheaper cruiser or two could do either as well or better. Makes about as much sense as the Hotels that did jack anyways.

Shinano: Terrible support carrier with slow speed though to be fair she was a converted ship and by the time she was launched the Japanese carrier airwing was No. Plus her sinking was more due to the inexperienced crew and no water pumping or watertight compartments being fitted at the time rather than actual poor ship design. Just a massive error on who ran the ship.

Bearn: The carrier that never launched a plane into action, she was slow and had a poor airwing for her size. As Drachinifel has stated in his video: an example on how not to carrier.

Oyodo: Small, underarmed and built for a mission that never was to be or was of any real good, she is certainly the light cruiser seaplane carrier hybrid I would place instead of Gotland.

Tenryu: Small, underarmed, these ships were tiny even by the standards of the day, nevermind during WW2. Makes USS Quincy's sinking all the more embarrassing when I think about it

Charles Martel, Carnot, Jaurenguiberry, Bouvet and Massena: Underamred, had major stability issues and despite being half sisters, they ended up more like cousins many times removed who's only similarity is the guns carried. Also, aside from Bouvet, ugly as sin on varying levels.

Here are some ships I would add, but what about you guys?

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