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Would a double-gun turret A-140 preliminary design make a good Tier 9 IJN freemium?

WorldOfWarships3 - Would a double-gun turret A-140 preliminary design make a good Tier 9 IJN freemium?

Over the last couple of days I was thinking over how Musashi was implemented and how she works in the game currently all while absolutely wrecking anybody I came across in her. She is a disastrously OP ship for her tier in terms of all aspects but her AA and speed comparatively to other T9 ships. But could there be an actually well-balanced Tier 9 IJN freemium battleship with 46cm guns?

After searching around for a bit, I found an amazing visualization of the
Yamato Preliminary Design A 140B2 746278041 - Would a double-gun turret A-140 preliminary design make a good Tier 9 IJN freemium?

A-140 B2 by Tzoli which struck me as a perfect design for a Tier 9 IJN premium (Stats for the different versions can be found

This design weighs in at 4 000 long tons less than the final Yamato and trades in a single gun barrel in exchange for a heavier, 43cm belt and half a knot in extra in top speed. this would already make her a slight bit healthier for the game than Musashi is. Another possible design of the same nature is Design C from the following picture, though I don't know the exact statistics of said design

However, to make sure she isn't just a downgrade over the Musashi, I propose she should be equipped not by the 5"/50 DP guns, but recieve an upgraded AA armament similar to the Shikishima a tier higher to differentiate herself from Musashi. This AA armament would consist of the 10cm guns as found on the Akizuki (And the shielded mounts found on Ibuki) She would trade this in for a longer main gun reload of 33s

I propose the following statistics for the ship as she would be in the game:

HP: 86 200


Main guns: 4×2 46cm guns: 33-35s base reload, range 25.8km, Sigma 1.9-1.95, dispersion at maximum range- 255m base, traverse of 48s base (Relatively speaking these are smaller than Yamato's), shell stats the same as Yamato. Blindspots of gun turrets 33 degrees to each side for A, B and X turret, Y turret has 37 degrees blindspot below 10 km

Secondary armament: 4×3 15.5cm gun (ideally as with the C design from the second picture), 10×2 10cm guns (Shikishima's layout). Firing range base: 7km

AA: Previously mentioned 10cm guns, most mounts around the bridge are 4cm armoured mounts as on Shikishima, extremities and B+X turrets have 25mm guns covering them

Survivability/Utilities: 50mm deck plating (Potentially 57mm mid-section), sides protected by 32mm outside of external belt. 41cm belt. Potentially the same citadel weakness as Yamato, though less pronounced. 45-48% torpedo damage reduction. Standard heal and DCP, access to fighter/spotter (improved reload spotter plane). If possible, a new consumable to temporarily increase number of flak bursts could be added.

Manoeuvrability: Speed of 28kts (1kt faster than Yamato), 950m turning radius. Rudder: 22-23s

Concealment: Base 17.6km, air detect adjusted accordingly

The basic concept is a relatively accurate and AA-wise powerful vessel which trades DPM, gun angles and comparative manoeuvrability for better-than-averarage survivability, 32mm overmatch and viable secondaries (If specced into).

I know this is a post about a possible Yamato-style ship at Tier 9 and since I own the Musashi I tried to avoid quite a few of the balancing nightmares of the ship to present a potentially fun ship to introduce for coal/FreeExp into the game. What do you think about this concept I laid out in here?

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