World of Warships

WoWS Community, interested in helping out a fellow sailor in need?

WorldOfWarships1 - WoWS Community, interested in helping out a fellow sailor in need?

Wargaming stepped up to the plate and delivered an Alaska to user /u/Alaska-CB1 who, if you've paid any attention in this sub at all, has been a hard core devotee to the ship since forever. He had family that served on the ship and preserved a plank from it and gifted it to him. Without getting too personal, he is a vet himself, has been going through a lot lately personally/medically and disclosed that he is able to play WoWS only on an ancient MacBook in this thread

From that prior thread:

tldr is the OP has health issues due to a war injury, was proscribed 4+ hours a day of video games for therapy to help deal with motor skill loss, and loves the Alaska. And someone in WG was very nice to the OP

And now it's our turn to show some love. =)

He was resistant at first but has agreed in PM to accept parts for a new/gently used PC build to do himself that will be built by /u/MacG467 now and shipped out to /u/Alaska-CB1. If you are interested in participating, please respond to this thread or PM me and I will add your parts/items to the list/build, and message you privately with delivery instructions.

edit: If we all agree that g-g-g-g-ghost's mobo/cpu/ram offer is accepted and works, then I think we're about done.

Anyone else that wanted to kick in a little something towards shipping or whatnot,/u/MacG467 has said its okay to post his information and the following:


Cash donations can be sent to /u/MacG467. His PayPal is [email protected]

He's looking for cash donations to assist with shipping costs and the following parts (all purchased at the Parkville MD Microcenter) to assist/offset the following:

  • Case: Corsair Carbide Clear 400C – $91.99 – He's buying this case for a specific reason.
  • HSF: Cooler Master Hyper 212 – $32.99
  • Windows 10 Home – $119.99
  • PSU: Corsair CX650M – $64.99
Read:  So, let's talk about premium CVs

I am personally sending funds tomorrow via paypal.

Mobo /u/gwennifer

CPU /u/gwennifer

Optical Drive /u/Turo or /u/Macg467

RAM: Fury Hyper X 2133 16gb (2×8) ddr4 or what /u/g-g-g-g-ghost offered up

Full Tower Case /u/baldmannbob

Power Supply /u/Turo or /u/Macg467

Power/Sata Cables (do we have this covered?) /u/Macg467

GPU Nvidia 970 /u/Macg467

Storage – multiple SSD/HDD /u/Macg467

Windows 10 /u/Macg467

Keyboard/Mouse /u/fireinthesky7 or what /u/Alaska-CB1 already has

Monitor /u/Alaska-CB1 via anon

Speakers/Headphones /u/Tsukiumi-Chan

edit: updated/crossed off items pledged

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