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WoWs dumb secondary problems

WorldOfWarships4 - WoWs dumb secondary problems

I've always played secondary ships in wows since I discovered them(I am no stranger to secondaries). All the common issues aside like meta changes, dispersion, penetration, etc. There are some rather glairing problems concerning secondary that I feel don't receive enough attention.

First, the waterline aiming. Idk if secondaries always aimed at the waterline since some used to fire AP or if it was changed. This is probably the dumbest thing I've seen in WoWs. Why make low penetration weaponry aim at THE MOST armored part/area of any ship? It doesn't sound like that big of an issue, especialy at 12-8km, bug it really is at shorter ranges. An easy way to test this is to put your ship in the middle of a line of ships all giving you broad side, then manualy aiming at the ship that is furthest from you("I"). should look like this:

I I 1 I "I" The 1 being your ship

Depending on the distances between to ships, out of the 3 ships that are taking damage, the one your secondaries are not actualy aiming at should die much faster. All because the ship on the left will only get hit in the belt, shattering most of the shells and most of the damage being done from fires. This is much more noticable on none german ships and when shooting at battleships or even cruisers. This probably the 1 of the 2 main reasons why german secondaries have always been more powerful than french or american. both being more accurate therefore hiting the belt more often and not having enough penetration for it, which the germans have to some extents. All this could be fixed by making secondaries aim at deck, lower deck or anywhere above waterline. Little fun fact: at some in the game (haven t tested it myself yet) if you got close enough to an enemy ship the secondaries CEASED, they would NOT shoot. Why? Because they couldn't shoot the belt.


"Cease fire, we are to close to the enemy, we might damage them if we shoot." -WG

Second, this is less of a problem and more of just a blatant bug. Ships that hug the barrier are "sometimes" almost immune to secondary fire. The barrier breaks the secondarys auto aim(yes its quite rare). Don't take this for granted, i ve only experienced it maybe 5 times and it might have been my eyes playing a trick on me or just bad luck, but I m pretty sure that my secondaries weren t firing at the right place. For some reason I think this is still in the game (haven't tested it since 0.10.0 or somewhere around that time). The fact that this might still be in the game just goes to show how few people play secondary builds and also how much WG can't be bother about anything related to secondaries.

Thanks if you made it to the bottom. This took alot of time to write and probably won't do anything but bring a little bit more attention to these issues(but please don't hug the barrier. Have some respect for the chads who still run secondary builds). Anyway, expecting WG to acknowledge anything about a complaining player base is far from being sane.

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