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WoWs in the eyes of a new player

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Good day everyone,

I saw the recent Flambass video regarding the state of the game and thought I would give in my perspective as a new player (still under 1000 games).

In this post I will try as much as possible to give an unbiased opinion, what i feel is right vs wrong, what got it right for me and what didn't. Also i will be making several comparisons to World of Tanks, a game that i play quite a bit.

First of all, I started watching WoWs videos (Flambass Flamu and of course the Mighty Jingles). I had a hard time downloading the game cz i have 2005 internet here lol. I finally got it and started playing it with an invite code from a friend on NA.

At first, it was tier 1 games and tier 2 vs bots nothing really special. The invite code really helped out with silver and premium time and flags and what not. Given my love for WWII i decided to grind towards the Iowa because of Iowa things. I didn't even know what the ship does or why i should or should not get it. Like in WoT, getting to tier 5, even tier 6 is relatively easy. I enjoyed playing around those tiers, but i knew that the fundamentals will be learnt better around tier 8 (i assume so at least lol). This is where Hydros and radars start existing in most games. I breezed through the tier 6 but then i reached the Colorado and i hated it, like, profound hatred. I put on the camos i had, the flags, to be done with it as fast as humanly possible. And I felt it was too fast. Playing world of tanks, i know that there are tanks that suck and you simply have to cry a lot to get past them. And this is absent in this game. I made myself grind the NC that i did not like much (DONT BASH ME I SUCKED AT HITTING SHIPS AND I THOUGHT IT WAS THE SHIP). But I had to learn the game and i knew i should linger around tier 8 and 9 as long as i can before i dare think of getting the Montana at tier 10. But, it was my personal decision to not use any boosters or camos (well except to get the upgraded hull). I could have mounted the camos, played the game, be done with the Iowa and gotten my Montana. And then i would be a clueless headless chicken in a tier 10 game wondering why i cant overmatch the kremlin. In total i played 34 games in the colorado with a negative winrate. I feel like this is too little and if i was more experience i can cut that down by a lot lol.

After getting the Iowa i decided to get the Bismarck because Bismarck no other reason. This time i didn't use too many camos (except towards the end) and i managed to get the Bismarck in 37 games. Almost same amount of games but way less camos used. I don't think im a good player nor a bad one, just decent I would assume.


To be fair, the friend that invited me to play helps me a lot, telling me what has radar what doesn't, what has torps and what doesn't. But overall learning this game is harder than WoT, with more variables and types of ships. This is why i would say that it is a bit too easy to reach higher ships, and suddenly Smolensk kills you while you are spotted behind and island being radared by a ship you didn't know existed.

I wont go too deep into my thoughts on the CV since i played american BBs mostly, but yeah its cancer still…

The thing that bothered me the most was the historical accuracy of the game. I am a bit into the WWs, and so I love having historical ships. Sure make the prinz eugen a premium but why does it have to be better than the hipper? I guess just one example. I have the warspite and the Tirpitz as premium ships. Warspite from referral and Tirpitz I bought as a late Bday present but im not aiming to spend too much money other than the monthly premium on the game. It is sad that they went the WoT route, with premium ships being better than the standard tech tree ones. Also i will say smolensk and Kremlin. I wont argue historical accuracy of the ships in the game, but yeah i guess the russians did suffer after pearlharbor. They even lost the hood to the Bismarck. And now my soul hurts because there will be a ship with caliber bigger than the Yamato, because why not. Overall, this is a game so I assume they will nerf the Kremlin's aa again to balans it even more. I get that there will always be overpowered ships in the game, but i never had a problem when facing the Jean Bart, (sadly couldn't get it). Never felt OP when playing against it, nor did it feel weak. But the holy gates of hell open when there is a smolensk on the enemy team! quad cannon x4 spamming you with HE. So i just hide and let my team kill it or we lose lol.

Overall I really love the game, and I will be playing it for a while. I will be getting the Yamato cz i love the ship and will eventually learn how to play DDs properly without costing my team the game 9/10 times lol.

Thank you for reading my post if you did and Good sailing

P.S. This is an awesome community, really helpful and not toxic. (A hood let me kill her with my bismarck i still love that player lol). Excuse my english, 3rd language.

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