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Hey guys,

So I was a participant of ShipStorm over this past weekend and I really loved it overall. Thanks to Trident (u/4TRIDENT4) and Duke (u/Celdron) for managing it and all the hard work they put into it! As well as all the refs, casters and other people who were part of making it happen.

I’ve had the idea of creating a World of Warships League where normal players could prove themselves as competitive players for quite some time. I just feel that having competitive matches against other teams to look forward to and to strive to be better at brings a whole new dynamic to WOWS. I’ve played thousands of hours of CSGO over the years and I constantly come back to it because of the competitiveness of the game in competitive matches.

Now before you say “well this is just clan battles”, you’re not entirely wrong and that’s something I wrestled with before posting this. The way that it differs is that you’ll have much more time to schedule your matches with your team ahead of the actual battle date. You’ll also have an interactive leaderboard of teams to interface with that will tell you things like; your position in the league, how many wins and losses you have, what teams you will be facing in the future and many more features. Also the battles will be 5 on 5 and have more specific ship restrictions than ranked or clan battles (like having a single DD in a match, although this will be voted on by the players and not a strict condition until fully decided).


Because of all of this we are looking for individuals who are willing to help us make this a reality. We’re in need of schedulers, casters (who will not only cast but stream the game in high quality and spectate properly), referees and moderators. There’s lots to do and we aim to have this league up and running by the end of January (potentially sooner). If you’re interested in helping in any capacity please don’t hesitate to PM me or join the discord and message me there (ZipperKopf#5555 on discord)

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The name we’ve chosen to represent the league is: Proving Seas. We chose this name because it will be a proving “sea” (as opposed to the common saying “proving grounds”) where players who are exceptional competitive players will be able to showcase their skill.

I will be making posts in the weeks leading up to the release of Proving Seas that will show how the seasons and championships will work. As of right now we are still in the process of deciding everything and that’s why we’ll need some help!

A note for captains who are interested in joining this league already: Wow! Only a couple of paragraphs written of this league and you’re already interested and want to get your team registered? Well as of right now we don’t have everything setup so that you can register your team properly yet. That being said you can still join the discord to be notified of when you can sign up. – League Logo

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