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I guess many VR users came across this, like I was, and are on the fence buying it, like I was. While you can read all sorts of Steam/YT reviews, I thought some of you might find this post useful.

A started playing WoWs last September, and it sparked my interest in these ships and their history much more than actually visiting Missouri quite a few years back – believe it or not, I have to confess I was not aware of Yamato or any icon of naval history before. In other words, I have a genuine interest now in these ships, but I very far from hardcore and I am not too well informed.

First, I picked it up during Winter sale for €30, combining with an extra €5 discount that was given above a certain purchase threshold – i.e. justified it by saying it is €25 only.

The experience starts off at the coast, and then there is a ferry ride passing DDs that is a nice way to introduce you to the scales – which is great once the scene switches to the Yamato in the distance. The tour on Yamato herself is quite nice and very detailed, especially as sailors at different posts tell all sorts of interesting background information about the given area/post.

The tour follows -at least I followed- this route:

– Tour around the deck at the bow, including the interior of the turrets (that as a practice do a ~45 degree rotation above your head, reaaallly intimidating)


– Then side turrets (this is Yamato's initial build, looks more similar to Musashi in WoWs), secondaries and AA mounts

– Afterwards at the stern, around the spotter planes

– Then descend just below the main deck to see the plane/boat hangars, cantine, the kitchen, captain's and admiral's quarters

– Finally, a visit in the superstructure –> conning tower (demonstration of steering), the bridge and aiming systems, plus as an extra a firing drill which looks ace with the exception that you'd expect a very loud, chest thumping sound of firing, which obviously cannot happen in VR headphones 🙂

Unfortunately, the engine room, the magazine, or other areas are not included.

Otherwise the graphics are great and areas you can visit are very-very detailed, absolutely believable replication of what the real thing could look like.

Summary: While pricing may appear steep, this is the closest you can ever get to this ship and the overall experience is very nice, I feel satisfied with what I got. I recommend buying it when it is on sale, normally during big Steam sale events.

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