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Yet another CV rework concept

WorldOfWarships7 - Yet another CV rework concept


1) this is just for fun. I will admit to being a RN CV main, and I personally think CVs in general are balanced apart from FDR, but that's not an argument I'm going to have here.

2) I wont be using many numbers. Mostly due to the fact that I have no clue myself

3) I'm not a plane and/or naval buff like some people here will be, and have no idea if something is actually possible or was used by a nation, if at all. Therefore I will be looking at this as game first and simulator second

the general concept

My idea for CVs would be to make them less jack off all trades and give them a defined purpose. To this end I would strip them of a lot of their offensive capabilities and offer a more support-based role that's still decently rewarded in terms of XP and silver. Planes will be divided into attack which are the regular planes we have now, support which help your allies and disruption which negatively affect your enemies without dealing much, if any damage. The latter two would have cooldowns like regular consumables that begin when the plane returns to the CV.

tech tree tiers

I'll discuss premiums later, but tech trees would start off at T4 with two types of attack aircraft. T6 would change add a support slot and change one of the attack aircraft into a disruption armament. T8 would re-add in the second attack aircraft and T10 would just be a bigger version of the tier 8.

aircraft types

Attack aircraft

Most lines will hold onto their standard armaments, with the following as a researchable option

These are the planes you're used to, but you'll have a lot less of them. In exchange you can always field one full strike wing of them, so you can always attack


Used by: KMS

3×2 150mm AP bombs- these are smaller than the 200mm and thus struggle against thicker targets, but you get twice as many meaning you have more consistent damage overall

Used by: KMS, IJN

4×1 SAP 200mm bombers- these would be used exclusively by the RM CVs that would come with the rework, and would be brutal as usual vs DDs and likely to shatter against BBs unless it hits the superstructure

Used by: RM


2×2 Oxygen torpedos- your standard CV torpedos, with a decent speed and flood chance, but low damage.

Used by- USN

4×1 Deep water torpedos- with a high base damage, but low speed and inability to hit DDs these torps would specialise in dealing damage to BBs. The speed of the planes would also be greatly reduced by the weight of the torpedo

Used by- IJN

3×1 Piercer torpedos- these torpedos would do little damage, but would have a high speed and extremely high flood chance

Used by- RN, RM


5×2 SAP rockets- similar to the bombs, these would tear through thinly armoured ships but wouldnt do much against BBs

support aircraft

These are aircraft that dont do anything to the enemy whatsoever, and are more defensively oriented. Each squadron also has a cooldown but an infinite amount of planes. If a squadron of support aircraft are shot down then 25% is added to the cooldown

Healing planes)

Standard heal- this heal would be a regular heal that heals a total of 10% of the ships total HP over the course of 5 seconds. The area would be 5km radius and the plane cooldown would be 3 minutes.

Used by: USN, IJN

Large area heal- healing 500 per second for 10 seconds, this heal is better for aiding DDs in gunfights more than BBs, since they'll get more out of it. The area would be a 5.5km radius and the cooldown would be 2.5 minutes

Used by: USN, RN

Zombie heal- as the name would suggest, this is the RN heal on a plane, healing 15% max HP over 15 seconds. The radius is 1km and the cooldown is 3.5 minutes

Used by: RN

Sealant foam- puts out fires and floods on ships in a path. Cooldown is 3 minutes


Standard smokescreen- creates a smokescreen in a line trailing behind the planes for 5 seconds. The smokescreen lasts for 45 seconds and has a 2.5 minuite cooldown


Used by: USN, KMS, IJN

Fuel smoke- creates a smokescreen for 8 seconds that lasts for 10 seconds. Fuel smoke has a 2 minuite cooldown

Used by: RM, RN

Chaff smoke- Smoke with aluminium flakes mixed in that disrupt all radar. Chaff smoke is thinner so it only reduces detection by 50%, but stops the surface ship being detected by radar. Chaff smoke lasts for 1 minute and has a cooldown of 3 minutes

Used by: RN, USN

disruption aircraft

These are planes that are more powerful and affect the opponent directly, but have longer cooldowns to compensate. If a squadron is shot down the reload timer is increased by 50%

Radar- radar planes would fly out to an area and,upon use, would reveal everyone In a 10km radius for 5 seconds. the cooldown for radar planes would be 5 minutes, and they would begin the game on cooldown to prevent instant revealing

Used by: USN

Sonar bouy- these planes would drop a bouy into the ocean that reveals everyone in a 5km radius for 1 minuite or until its shot and destroyed. The sonar would have 10K hp and would have a cooldown of 3 minutes

Used by: USN, KMS

Deep-water sonar- this would not reveal ships, but would reveal torpedos and submarines in a 7.5km radius for 2 minutes. The DWS would have a cooldown of 3.5 minutes

Stripper rockets- these would be a squadron of planes that launches 3×5 rockets at ships. These rockets would do negligible damage to the ship, but would deal immense damage to modules, breaking both AA and secondaries each pass. These rockets would have a 5 minuite cooldown

Used by- RN


These are planes that all CVs will always have access to, in addition to their other options

Fighter- as opposed to the fighters that are on a cooldown, these fighters will be able to be permanently active with the CV being able to select a new location from the minimap. They cannot spot, and any planes shot down will replenish at a rate of 1 every 30 seconds

ASW planes- these would be the Catalina that were in testing that would carpet bomb an area with depth charges they would have a cooldown of 30 seconds

CV roles

USN- with their unique radar planes they would be an irritant to DDs, but their long utility cooldowns and plane repair rates mean they need to be careful not to lose their planes too often.

IJN- the IJN would have fast and fragile planes, enabling them to get anywhere on the map they need to be but suffering under AA fire, meaning you have to be careful where you send them

RN- the brits would focus on being annoying with their armaments, trying to burn down DCPs and healing their allies to gain an incremental advantage, but wouldnt have much consistent damage

KMS- the germans would have an offensively minded role, dealing heavy damage to BBs as before while disrupting the enemy with smoke and sonar, but not really having much they can do about DDs

RM- RM would have the role of DD hunter and cruiser, with SAP bombs and rockets, but would struggle against anything larger.

premium CVs

As CVs as a whole would be changing, including premiums, some people may not like the new playstyle of their premium ships. To this end I would offer some sort of token exchange event, where people can get a premium CV that better suits their playstyle, or a surface ship if they dont like the new playstyle at all

AA mechanics

I would keep AA as it is for now, but I would add in a new skill which would be beehive rounds. Essentially you select a 2×2 area of the map and an offscreen BB would fire at that location, spreading unavoidable flak across the screen. This would have a cooldown of 5 minutes

AA would also be able to be repaired with a repair party, with the exact amount depending on how much the repair party is healing for

TLDR: the idea is that CVs become less damage-oriented and more team play based as the support role

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