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0.167.1 Yields “unsupported Device” with Magisk above Version 20.1

pokemon go nick statt 2016 4.0.0 - 0.167.1 Yields "unsupported Device" with Magisk above Version 20.1

Yesterday PoGO forced the 0.167.1 Android Version and suddenly nothing worked anymore on my rooted Phone..

Facts: Note 9 (N960F/DS) Android 9 (Ambasadi Rom v8) Magisk 20.3 / Manager 7.5.1

I didnt have a TWRP directory anymore as stated in other posts… so i went investigating..

What i did: – Installed EdXPosed canary with all prerequisites (Riru Core etc) – used XPrivacyLua to restrict PoGOs acces to filesystem Yields: NO SUCCESS

  • Removed all stuff wich could be possibly scanned for .. includes all files named Magisk* , TWRP*, Rootbrowser, Romtoolbox, Kernel files in the dirs etc..


.. then i looked at my other phone.. S8 with android 9 … it had several severing stuff on it like TWRP etc.. and it worked flawlessly.. even WITH the twrp folder it worked for hours… so it CANT be the folder as a root cause..


I spent time installing/changing different Magisk versions since the most major difference between the S8 and the N9 (besides its another phone) was the S8 (since its only used sporadicaly) had Magisk 19.3 installed… and that was the hook…

Above Magisk V20 there is a backdoor somewhere for PoGO to detect either the TWRP folder or magisk itself.. i am no Android Developer but since i installed Magisk V19.4 / Manager 7.3.4 on my N9 it works again like a charm.. WITH the TWRP folder…

Just my 2cp to help pointing in the right direction for those struggling to get their PoGO to work again..

Greets 😁

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