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[APP] PoGo ADB Teleporter [Candy/’Mon Farm]

Pok mon GO Thumb - [APP] PoGo ADB Teleporter [Candy/'Mon Farm]

sWIJSDH - [APP] PoGo ADB Teleporter [Candy/'Mon Farm]

Disclaimer: I'm not taking any responsability for any damage caused by this program. This will NOT prevent you from softbans, but it will make it harder to get them if you use the program correctly.

*I've seen a lot of you are interested in this tool, and how to make it properly work. I suggest using the PoGo Hub discord server, the Candy bot channel for getting dozens of coordinates at once. *

This Program takes in geographic coordinates, and teleports the users to the locations, taking into consideration the softban cooldown values, and avoids them entirely.

Basically with this it's really easy to farm candy because you know exactly when you can teleport.



-Rooted Android phone (make sure you're rooted with Magisk; you have Magisk repackaged to get a new package name, so the game won't notice it; then you need to hide root from the game within Magisk. Oh and also you need to make the gps app below, a system app. This last one is not a must, but highly recommend)

-TheAppNinjas GPS Joystick app:
faq - [APP] PoGo ADB Teleporter [Candy/'Mon Farm]http://gpsjoystick.theappninjas.com/faq/

-ADB enabled in Developer Settings


-ADB on PC:


How to use:

-Download the package from the releases and extract it into any folder.

-Download the ADB from the link above, and extract "adb.exe" , "AdbWinApi.dll" ; "AdbWinUsbApi.dll" ONLY, and place them in the folder you created above.

-Run the program and follow the instructions.


Hover over the Steps which explains how the app actually works.


PS.: I know it has bugs. But it works. If you need any other changes, feel free to fork this and make your own changes, but I would like kindly to ask if you share this program somewhere, please use this github page to do so for future updates.


Github page


Thank you and have fun!

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