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Exploiting third party apps that upload to health-kit.

pokemon go nick statt 2016 4.0.0 - Exploiting third party apps that upload to health-kit.

I have an Alpina smartwatch, it tracks steps, but does not have a GPS, but does a very good job of estimating speed and distance based on step count, pace and user data (Height etc) It syncs to healthkit, but not automatically, you have to open the app and hit the button on the watch to sync, so you can sync a huge amount of backlogged data all at once (the watch can store up to 30days worth of activity without syncing) It uses Bluetooth BLE so it can't stay paired and syncing all the time (which is fine, because it means the single CR2032 battery lasts for about 2 years.

So what I'm wondering is how Pokemon go handles healthkit data and how it will work with this watch. I figure if I leave my phone on my desk, and go for a walk, come back, sync, then open PoGo it will get the new distance data. What if I went for a walk with the watch on, and with my phone, but PoGo not running, and sync when I get back then start PoGo, the watch is reporting distance walked that overlaps the distance walked on my phone, so I assume healthkit throws out duplicate data.


What if the watch is set to a totally different time zone? perhaps I walk 4 miles in the morning with my phone, and my watch, but the watch thinks it's the middle of the night. Then upload all that, am I essentially going to be able to double all my walking distances by reporting walking distance in the past? Will Pogo accept data that is timestamped from hours previously that has only just shown up in healthkit?

I also ask this because there are apps with the express purpose of adding data manually to healthkit. One of them simply acceps CSV files with distance data. How does PoGo handle someone simply uploading a CSV that said they walked all night long and got their 50km reward all in one day?

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