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I just had my permanently banned account back from 2016 “unbanned”

he6yFohYOSM - I just had my permanently banned account back from 2016 "unbanned"

i'm not sure if this would be the right place to post this but here goes. Typing on mobile so apologies for the formats Pre-requisites: -> permanently banned account that is only linked to gmail(important)

1.) make sure to search your email first with the keyword "niantic" to make sure you are on the correct email that was banned 2.) go to club.pokemon.com and go to the sign in page 3.) request for a forgotten username then type in your gmail account under the email section 4.) if you are able to recieve the email check and save the username it provides you 5.) request a password change for the same email used in #3(the website may prompt you to wait or try again since you have a recent request) 6.) change your password 7.) logon to the club.pokemon.com website using the username from #4 and new password from #6 (if successful then congrats your account is now "unbanned") 8.) open pokemon go and login as a returning player and select the pokemon trainer club(important) 9.) you should now be able to access your old account


Important notes! ->Never try to login your now "unbanned" account using the gmail option(i tried this on one of my account and now it gives me unable to authenticate error) -> if your trainer name for some reason was recycled(i.e. You used John as a name before and was banned and then another user used John as their name on another account) then your character is basically deleted at that point ->relogging on the "unbanned" account might sometimes gives you and error just try again

I have only be able to do this on 2 of my old accounts and I pretty much messed up the other one so I hope this helps some of you get back your account and have your 2016 pokemon be traded for high chance to be lucky

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