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My mediocre Android Go-tcha Bot

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Let us know what you think of my Pokemon Go bot, here is a small video of it in action:

See a short video here

Currently spoofs various routes with lots of Pokestops at a slow 4.6km/h.

Using Windows Task Scheduler, (don't laugh at me), I fire a script to run a every 5 minutes.

This I guess is my event loop in which I validate the game state and what to do next.

Some features I've developed for it so far:

Reconnect the Go-tcha

Using a servo, I'm able to reconnect the Go-tcha device when it disconnects, though I'd be interested in other suggestions in this area. Currently, I'm using foil against the bottom pins to ground the touch. Must be a nicer way to reconnect.

Run IV Checks

Once he's caught a number of Pokemon, I need to check if I got any goodies.

Using PokeGenie I sequentially scan through my recently caught mon and "rename" and "favorite" better or new Pokemon. I do this by collating a list of "Best" mon each day at 00:00.

Transfer Pokemon


After running IV checks, I perform a "Transfer all the Unfavourited/unshiny" mon.

I'm not scrolling the page here. I just select the first 12 mon. OCRs to check if he can 'Transfer', repeat.

Clear Inventory

So he can continue to spin those Pokestops for red balls. I've made a way for him to scan each item and delete any that do not appear on a list of allowed items. This was very difficult to get right! Since in order for the OCR to work correctly, I would have to scroll to a very specific point. Anyway, I came up with a brute force way of realigning the scroll.

Re-incubate Egg

I love this one, based on speed and time, I can easily calculate how long it'll be until the egg is hatching.

Allowing me to follow up with a routine to hatch and re-incubate promptly.

Next thing I'm looking into is using OpenCV with Python to initiate encounters with Pokemon it finds in the world. So essentially replace the Go-tcha auto-catch with better catch routines.

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