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I recently started messing about with VirtualXposed to try get Pokemon Go working with the custom endpoint. I don't understand why it doesn't work though.

I have my Private Server set up on my PC as when I point all the traffic on my device to IP:Port it starts displaying in CMD what packets are coming into the server. I downloaded Pokemon Go version 0.35.0 and installed it inside VirtualXposed , added the Pokemon Go Certificate Module and then set my custom end point.

Pokemon go loads, and I get to the login part, now this where I should be able to input the username and password that I have set inside my private server but behold it says 'Unable To Authenticate' I did start by trying to actually login using the recent version just to see if it works, when you clicked Google as your login it, then clicked Account you want to use it would crash the app. I got around this by activating MicroG and installing Play Store and Play Services off my actual device which then allowed me to use Safetynet Check, it done the check and said it wasn't a pass because I'm inside VXP Environment and well, they don't have any rom information so when it checks the integrity of your device, it can't actually check properly.


For what reason though: Why doesn't 0.35.0 work? it should from what I understand attach my IP:PORT to the APP and then send the request to my server should it not?

Anyone else know ?

Extra Info:My device is rooted, smali, magiskI
hide Magisk from VExposed but I don't think that really matters.
Pokemon Go still works with Vexposed installed on proper device.
When inspecting the Pokemon Go /Data folder. I found a .pm certicate… not sure if this is any use for Man In The Middle Attacks.
When I MITM Pokemon Go inside VExposed, It shoots back a certificate check URL with a link to a .crt file… Not sure if this is any use either.

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