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what makes union square so bad….?

he6yFohYOSM - what makes union square so bad....?

I'm personally a big fan of the "no frills" design of the app….though I am not a developer….lol. i tried that area or school and failed 😛 but Im just curious what makes it so bad, why it gets such a bad rap around the "spoofer groups"?

I tried using my limited knowledge of examinating the IPA file…..and the one thing i noticed, the libLocationFaker.dylib file that seems to be the "crown jewel" of the "app" seems to only point to some old github pages via google…..+

On one hand…..Im thinking of 2 different scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Newbie downloads the app, app defaults shoots them to "Union Square"…..so they play for a bit in Union Square (California?) …..then close app,….or app crashes? So….either they a) re open app and continue playing….or b) have to goto work….on the way to work, they login to their "real" app on their device in their pocket….and try to catch pokemon and they flee,,,,,can't spin stops, etc….since the game's anti-cheat measure still seems them as being in "Calfornication"……so the next day; they wake up to the dreaded red warning for using a modified client…..


The couple times I used the app, I actually thought it worked pretty swell! Just bare bones, down to basic approach……but kinda scared to use it….and well…..lately it appears to be only distributed on the Tutu site…..which has a crazy weird track record on spying on devices….?

So…..my question, is anyone have any idea what the libLocationfaker.dylib does, that the "pptweaks.dylib" does, that pokego2 does not?

Obviously pokego2 is more feature rich…..I've heard speculation it's something related to the ads popping through the game play that are setting a red flag to Niantic?

Anyone got any ideas?

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