Battlefield 5

8 Months after the release, still no improvements on anti-cheat efforts.

Battlefield 7 - 8 Months after the release, still no improvements on anti-cheat efforts.

This is a long post, if you dont want to read, there is a TL;DR at the end. And I'm not a native English speaker so bear with my grammar mistakes.

This game has no client side anticheat (edit: someone pointed that it have ea anticheat but I doubt it really functions), all it has is fairfight and we all know what it does….

Even F2P games like Apex Legends can have some client sided anti-cheat and somehow dice still refuses to acknowledge this flaw in Battlefield V. Yes Apex Legends were full of cheaters but you have to consider it is a F2P game and there are no real loss for cheaters when they get banned.

I made an post when the game first releases, and so far from what I can tell very little improvements has been done. And my only hope right now is the upcoming RSP will help us ban some blatant cheaters. Notice I said blatant cheaters, what about the low profile cheaters? It really depends on the server admins, they have to go spectator mode to try to catch them. This also caused another issue which is some crazy players got banned from the server. Take Relaaaa for example, iirc he got banned by multiple BF4 servers back to the day. (For these players, hackusations are really frustrating and annoying)

There are so many decent client sided anti-cheat providers such as EAC/Battleye (not to mention BE was first developed for BF2) , adding this will not completely fix the issue but for gods sake it will hugely decrease the amount of cheaters, people might say PUBG/Apex are full of cheaters but lets be honest here in terms of popularity Battlefield are not at PUBG/Apex level, and it costs more than these two games. A client-sided anti cheat will be truly helpful to help this problem.


DICE claims their anti-cheat team are working secretly to keep the information away from hack developers. I'm not buying this bullshit at all tbh. Take a look at rainbow six siege, their developers have been working hard on anti-cheat efforts and they are communicating with the community very transparently. Since Skull rain – the introduction of battleye the amount of cheaters are hugely decreased in Siege. In late 2018 there are trends of increasing number of cheaters, what Ubisoft did was introduce 2FA verification, an improved reporting system etc. That's the kind of efforts we want to see. I'm not saying they should do the same since Battlefield are not really an esport title but for gods sake at least throw some client-side anti-cheat services.

Before you make a claim you haven't seen any cheaters and I'm witch hunting, please remember that things are different based on your region, there are tons of cheaters in Asia servers playing every day right now. I'm not a insanely skilled player but I do play a lot of FPS games and most of the time I'm fairly confident to tell if someone is cheating or not.

Live-service not only means you need to bring more contents but also requires you to commit to fix the issue with the game. I think the reason why DICE/EA don't want to bring client side anti-cheat is because it costs money.

TL;DR Client-side anti-cheat wont fix the cheat issue once for all but it would hugely decrease the amount of cheaters.

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