Battlefield 5

A few reasons why I like Grind

Battlefield 5 - A few reasons why I like Grind

First things first: I'm a pretty bad player. My game sense isn't the greatest right now. And my aim and accuracy? Also bad. I also don't know anyone who plays this game on PC, so working with a squad is also pretty much out of the question for now. This is why main modes like CQ are so frustrating. It's just a lot of running around, not really knowing what's going on and getting shot in the back every 30 seconds because I can't check all 360 degrees all the time and keep getting flanked.

The "tunnel" effect of the Grind maps have a few benefits.

  1. It keeps the team together. No need to run around trying to figure out where everyone is. A big reason a lot of us play this game is for the cinematic and narrative experience of being in a big battle. 32 players sticking together, slowly pushing the line up feels more like a real battle than 32 players dispersed over a huge map being disorganized. As a solo player, this is great. And because everyone is in such close quarters and moving so slowly across the map, people play their roles much more (medics giving heals and reviving, supports actually building, etc. And the extra fortifications are great.)
  2. It keeps you safe. I've had much longer lives in Grind than any other mode. I have a much easier time maintaining a positive K/D in Grind. The amount of people that can revive me as well as the extra cover and unidirectional flow means I can spend more time in game and less on the deploy screen.
  3. It offers a great balance in play style and speed. I've seen the posts showing that half the players think it is a slaughterfest and the other half think it is a campfest. The truth is it's both, and that's what's great. When I think of a real battle, it doesn't involve a big group blindly rushing an objective. It's more like what I experience in Grind, which is everyone sticking together behind cover in an extended shootout, then pushing to the next cover once it is clear. I like playing Support and laying down suppressive fire while the team pushes up. So there are slower, more campy moments but also more aggressive, high octane moments.
  4. It gets you into the action faster. No one wants a running simulator. Even if you spawn at the uncap, you can be on the frontlines within only a few seconds and spend the entire game in the same battle. No need to decide which flag to move towards. And again, as a solo player this is great because I know I'll have the support of the team and won't accidentally wind up alone running into enemies.

Hopefully we get a few extra maps in this mode. I think a version on a map like Panzerstorm with the flags slightly further apart and a few tanks per team could give a cool, Fury-esque experience (imagine the team pushing through a field using the tank for cover). I always kind of miss vehicles and things in the more infantry focused mode but don't want to deal with CQ just to get into one. The matches also end a little too quickly sometimes. But overall I think this is a very good mode. What do you think?

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