Battlefield 5

A new players experience with Battlefield 5 and the franchise in general

Battlefield 1 - A new players experience with Battlefield 5 and the franchise in general

Hey all, I ended up getting battlefield 1 about a month ago (my first in the franchise), had a blast with it and as a result decided to give battlefield 5 a try despite all the bad press. thought id post my thoughts on it as i still see plenty of "should i buy" threads on here. for context I've put about 15 hours into bf5's multiplayer so far

Ill start with my thoughts on the multiplayer. I suck at it, my kd is in the trash and i struggle with everything going on, despite that im having a ton of fun with it. I love the interactions between tank, infantry, and planes even if those interactions are a little frustrating at times. single handed blowing up a tank with a couple panzerfaust rockets and an anti tank grenade is the best feeling ever. I miss the squad size of battlefield 1 but love how squadmates can revive eachother, also love how you can see what your sqaudmates are doing in the spawn screen too as thats helped me not immediatly spawn into death traps like i sometimes did in battlefield 1. Gun play is good and the ability to build fortifications is welcome as well. My favorite class so far is the assault with the m1a1 carbine but i have messed around as the support for awhile as well. as for the customization i really really do like my boys on both sides! Im not really bothered by the women running around on the battlefield, my line of thought is that the multiplayer is there for fun and some people like that and i think thats fine but if your looking for a trully…. immersive/authentic ww2 multiplayer this may not be the game for you and thats cool too. , something small that i miss from bf1 is how at the end of an operation the narrator would explain what happend or what would have happend as a result of an operation, i also miss how every battle mattered in bf1 as it kind of feels like the only day that matters in bf5 Grand operations is day three and 4 if you get there. it still kind of feels unfinished in some aspects but overall for current prices the multiplayer is very good and they're continuing to add more.


now for single player. in a word its trash. dont get it for the singleplayer. not only are the war stories shorter than they were in bf1 but it has an immense lack of polish. for instance in the first mission of under no flag the seagulls just kind of sit frozen in the sky unmoving. also in this mission i faced a glitch where i was literally stuck underneath the map when a stuka blew up next to me, had to restart the level as a result. In addition in the french colonial mission there were several instances of npc's just running in place. also historical accuracy is a major problem through out the war stories. i can deal with historical inaccuracies with multiplayer in the name of fun but when you tout this game as telling unknown stories of ww2 you should tell those unknown stories not revise them to fit your agenda. its ironic because to me one of the main things of the french colonial troop war story was that their role was written out of history and how that was bad, then dice goes and does the exact same thing with the Norway story by writing out the actual commandos that did that mission and replacing them with a one woman army thereby doing the same exact thing they decry in the previous war story. anyway there are many youtube videos out there describing the histoical inaccuracies so i wont describe them in full but in short the single player is inaccurate, short, glitchy, and unpolished, its crap and dice should fix it in the next entry

anyway those are my thoughts, in all im glad i took a chance on it as im having a blast with the multiplayer, looking forward to continuing to play and the pacific theater in the fall

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