Battlefield 5

A small work in progress mode idea

Battlefield 6 - A small work in progress mode idea

So I have this idea and I would like some help with it

So there are 2 teams they have one half of the map to build there base

You can not see or go the other teams base until it’s battle time

Basically you first build the main objective Which is like a fort that you can go inside like monte grappa from bf1

This is a main spawn

You can also build other things like fox holes machine guns etc

You can place them any where

There are special builds tho Like

Oil rigs for faster vehicle spawn And Vehicles use fuel so you have to resupply

The oil rigs will connect to the resupply stations for vehicles so they don’t run out of oil

Next building is hangars Hangars are where planes will spawn if destroyed they can no longer use planes

Tank depots Tank depots are where tanks and other ground based vehicles spawn

Munitions factory I forgot to mention this but the resupply stations will run out eventually so that’s why there are things like this Anyways The munitions factory fills the resupply station with ammo

Med center This center fill the med resupply Pretty simple


Out posts are where players can spawn There are a limited batch tho

Comms station the comms station is where you can call things like sector artillery and all those point based things

Of course there will be other structures if this is added but this is all I can think of

And yes there will be defenses like Fox holes trench’s mortars bunkers heavy artillery etc

There could be 2 modes


And large

Some other things I would like to mention Yes commander is in this and he is located in the main base

The enemy can win if they take all sectors and kill commander


The commander has a bunker room where he is located and in that room the is a table panel where he can interact and see a live map like this picture×0/filters:no_upscale%28%29/

He can click on soldiers and see what they are doing he can move around his room freely and do other things maybe be able to talk to other squads like with voice chat

Another thing I would like to say is there will be vehicles around the map like excavators to terra form the map to make trenches

That’s all I have in my brain today but I might add more later

Also give suggestions that would help

Here is a edit: to show newly added ideas

Random terrain Basically it is random so you never get bored of the same map and it always leaves you thinking where to build for example there could be a snowy map or a desert map too!

When in combat you can not build structures only repair them

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