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Absurdly Detailed BF6 Commander Ideas – Time To Make It A Full Gameplay Experience

Battlefield 2 - Absurdly Detailed BF6 Commander Ideas - Time To Make It A Full Gameplay Experience

I want to see it expanded.

Like, ridiculously expanded. "As engaging as being a front line" expanded. Being a commander in BF4 *and* BF2 was incredibly boring. Sure, in BF2 sometimes you have to get out and repair stuff and yes you can be killed and yes you're not locked into it the whole match – please bring all of that back – but the actual activity that is being a commander was a fraction as interesting as being an infantry.
Unluckily, I've given a colossal amount of time thinking about how to make being a commander more interesting, so let's then get into it:

Basic Commander Ideas:
-Not role locked for the entire match
-Has to be safe in a bunker somewhere; is killable
-Able to issue orders to greater groups than just 1 squad at a time
-Orders give 75% extra point gain if executed
-All numbers below very open to balancing; lets not get hung up on balance.
-Based on BF4, as that's what I'm most recently familiar with, and my old and comparably rambly vehicle weapon post.

Descriptors of ammo metrics are as follows:
Mag Size/Reserve Size; Firing Rate/Reload time/Regen time; Single round reload to mag reload.
Thus refers, essentially, to a tanks main AP weapon, with 1 round in the chamber, 5 in reserve, 20 rounds per minute, 3 seconds to reload, 2.5 seconds to regen, and regeneration for a single round at a time

Available Any Time: Can choose any 4 from commander customization screen.

  • UAV; like BF4. Last 30 seconds, and then has to recharge for 5 before it can be used again.
  • Counter UAV; a little smaller than in 4. Hides allies from view for enemy minimaps in zone, and allies cannot be spotted for enemies out of zone. Gives very slight static to reaper/predator/reddot/thermal/NV sights in AoE. Last 20 seconds, and then has to recharge for 8.
  • Evac Order: About as big as a counter UAV zone. Get out of a zone in next 10 seconds. Needs to recharge 10 seconds to use again. All infantry in zone move 1.2x as fast as normal.
  • Proxy attack. Wipes out all commander access for 15 seconds and aerial assets. 3 minute recharge.
  • Reaper: Calls in a reaper, akin to a UAV circle, on the map.
    • Left click the icon on the map icon to get vision from its launcher, and right click on it to fire.
    • Has a series of dots arranged in a grid; when fired, laser designation is centered on the grid but can be moved around via the directional keys. Think "big AC-130 gun but aimed with using the dpad on a grid"
    • Explodes like a JDAM.
    • 1/2; 3/20/NA. Does not recharge.
    • After all out of ammo, Reaper flies off the map.
    • Needs to charge for 90 seconds before it can be used.
  • Predator: Select an entrance and exit to the map. A predator drone flies through this, about as fast as a bomber.
    • Click on asset on the map screen, aim from the little camera view, and click again to fire.
    • Upon firing, camera view transfers to the view of the missile as it speeds towards the ground.
    • Can be aimed directly with the arrow keys, not on a grid, but a bit of a lag as signal is transferred. The farther the missile is from the Predator, the more lag there is.
    • Hits like a JDAM
    • 1/2; 6/10/NA. Does not recharge.
    • Once Predator hits the edge of the map, it leaves.
    • Needs to charge for 90 seconds before it can be used. including up front.
  • Rapid Construction: Vehicles take half as long to respawn. Lasts 30 seconds; takes 40 seconds to recharge.

Point Unlocks: Aka, not all of these would be on the same map.

  • AC-130. Can choose where it circles in exchange for +20 second recharge.
  • Cruise Missile
  • Dropship. Choose an entrance spot and exit spot on the edges of the map; flies from entrance to exit at the speed of a bomber.
    • Has an MRAP and a quad to be dropped, in that order, as people spawn in.
    • Has a small – 50% as big – UAV affect around it as it flies.
  • Vehicle Scan. Like BF4
  • Infantry Scan. Like BF4
  • Howitzer. Once it's unlocked from a point, can be built anywhere in the control point zone.
    • Building is like a fortification; needs to be done by an infantry in the field once designated.
    • Takes 6 seconds to build up, can be destroyed by explosive fire, or repaired by an engineer before it blows up to spare a recharge.
    • Takes 60 seconds to unlock and recharge once destroyed.
    • Has map like HIMARS, but only sees enemies on map a)iff they've been 3D spotted; simply firing weapons doesn't do anything and b)immediately when spotted before losing them again.
    • Shell travel is seen on the minimap for enemy infantry.
    • Can be used by infantry, but commander adds 33% to maximum range.
    • Unlocks artillery beacon to be given to a squad leader, but more on that later.
    • Unlocks shell depot to be built somewhere in same control point zone, but more on that later.
      • Must be filled from a shell depot for the commander to use at all.
      • The commander can use it for full ammo capacity with no recharge per filling from a depot.
      • Filling from shell depot is an order when selecting the Howitzer.
      • Loading from shell depot as an infantry doubles the spare shell capacity for one magazine.
    • Choose two
      Projectiles - Absurdly Detailed BF6 Commander Ideas - Time To Make It A Full Gameplay Experienceshelltypes from vehicle customization screen:
      • 155: Hits like a tank's high explosive shell. 50-350M range. 1/3+3; 20/3/12.5; Magazine
      • White Phosphorus: About 15 meters above ground, shell explodes, releasing 3 "burners" which then drop down at 10 degree spread in equilateral triangle shape. 25-300M range. Burner emits smoke, acts like a white flare, and deals damage like napalm. Last 15 seconds. 1/2+2; 30/2/15; Magazine
      • DPICM: Once fired, view goes to shell head. Before hitting target, fire again to release a scattering of 13 bomblets. Can explode a maximum of 25M above ground, and a minimum of 15. Higher=more spread of bomblets. If don't click, explodes at 5m above ground. Each bomblet acts like a V40 Mini, exploding 0.25 seconds after 1 bounce. Release 1 bomblet right at reticle, 4 around reticle like an X at 7.5 degree spread, and 8 in a square around in 15 degree spread. 1/1+1; 10/6/30; Magazine
      • RAP: Works like an HE tank shell, with a smaller radius than the 155. 100-500M range. 1/3+3; 20/3/12.5; Magazine
  • Shell Depot: Can be built by infantry in same zone as howitzer once location is designated by commander.
    • Takes 5 seconds to build following comm designation.
    • Gives an extra magazine to infantry used artillery before it needs to start to regen, or enables commander remote usage.
    • Infantry picks up a large shell from depot to put in howitzer; cannot do anything else but move when holding shell.
    • Having an infantry interact with this to bring a shell to the howitzer is the only way the commander can use the howitzer at all.
    • Immune to small arms fire, but explodes hugely if hit with 3 non-frag explosives.
    • Repair to put out fires.
    • Needs 60 second recharge to be reassigned following destruction.
  • Carrier: On maps with carriers, can slowly steer them around the map in a wide circle around it.
  • Minefield. Only at extremely specific, preselected locations on a map.
    • A large strip becomes designated as a minefield.
    • Commander designates; infantry interact with sides to set up.
    • Takes 4 seconds of fortification to deploy 5 mines; total time depends on size.
    • Edges of zone are marked with flags visible to both sides.
    • Lays a mine about every 3 meters; each interact fills in 5 mines, randomly placed.
    • Mines have a dim red blinking light to them, and deal damage like a mini grenade when exploding, 0.5 seconds after stepped on.
    • Cleared by vehicles driving over the mines or any non-frag, non-incendiary, non-smoke explosive.
    • Lasts for 3 minutes before self destructing.
    • Can only be rebuild 2 minutes after destruction.
  • TPQ 36 Firefinder radar - Absurdly Detailed BF6 Commander Ideas - Time To Make It A Full Gameplay ExperienceFirefinder Radar: Unlocked at points, but can be built anywhere it can fit.
    • Commander designated, infantry built like a fortification. Takes 7 seconds to build.
    • About the size of a bomber trailer, so need wide flat space and access to the sky.
    • ID's any entity firing explosive anything (besides grenades/C4) INTO from OUT OF a zone 100M of the radar.
    • Enemies ID's thus are on map for 15 seconds from last shot landed in zone.
    • Immune to small arms fire, but explodes hugely if hit with 3 non-frag explosives.
    • Repair to put out fires.
    • Needs 60 second recharge to be reassigned following destruction.
  • Emergency Airstrip: Unlocks a close air support/attack plane at a point.
    • Commander designated, built by infantry.
    • Takes 7 seconds to build.
    • Airstrip can take damage from non-frag/smoke/incendiary explosives; for every 20% health it loses, plane takes an extra 3 seconds to respawn.
    • Anyone can fortify for 3 seconds to repair 20% health.
    • If destroyed, takes 60 seconds to unlock building again.
  • Submarine: See below.

Other Fortifications/Map Changes Outside of Point Unlocks: Built at points, but not the special unlockable single thing at the point like the above.


Squad Boosts: Give to squads, individual soldiers therein. Uses points built up over match.

  • Fire Support Beacon: Gives a FBS to the highest-points-from-following-commander person in a squad.
    • Allows that squad member to toss out a beacon which tags an enemies within 50M on the map of the howitzer.
    • Requires howitzer to be built.
    • Tagging lasts for 10 seconds.
    • Overrides grenade until tossed.
    • Acts as a shell refill for howitzer.
    • Takes 1000 squad points.
  • Insertion Point – Select spot for squad to be able to spawn from for next minute.
    • If outside, they parachute in.
    • 750 squad points.
  • Defensive Upgrade – Unlocks a fifth upgrade slot for squad; the final upgrade of their more defensively oriented class specialization (or quick regen).
    • Removed if squad is wiped.
    • 500 squad points.
  • Offensive Upgrade – Unlocks a fifth upgrade slot for squad; the final upgrade of their more offensive oriented class specialization (or reduced fall).
    • Removed if squad is wiped.
    • 500 squad points.
  • Vehicle Tuneup – Provide an otherwise unchosen driver upgrade for squad vehicle.
    • Removed if vehicle is destroyed.
    • 500 squad points.

Drops: Spend points to drop in.

  • Ripsaw (vehicle - Absurdly Detailed BF6 Commander Ideas - Time To Make It A Full Gameplay Experience
    Ripsaw): Commander selects a starting point and an ending point within 400M; an autonomous vehicle is then dropped at the starting point and makes it's way to the ending point.
    • Tracks any enemies within 100M; turret turn speed of 22.5 degrees a second.
    • Automatically fires on enemies, although not the best shot.
    • Has an M249 (200;400;800/5/NA) and 40mm launcher (4/12;60/3/NA).
    • Does not use M249 on vehicles at all, and only uses 40mm on jeeps, quads, RHIBs, hovercrafts, and snowmobiles.
    • Moves about as fast as an Amtrac.
    • Vehicle is about 60% the size of an IFV but has the same health as one.
    • Starts firing if can keep on target for more than 0.2 seconds.
    • Lasts until destroyed or runs out of ammo, at which point it self destructs 15 seconds later as it travels along path.
    • Commander can take control for manual aiming, but doesn't change turn speed.
    • Only 1 allowed on field at a time.
    • Costs 2000 squad points.
  • RAWR: Exactly like BF4. Costs 1000 squad points.
  • Kit Pack – Ammo and health pack, also, interact with pack to be able to reselect class/change weapons/attachments. Costs 1000 squad points.
  • Quad/Jetski: Depends on where it's dropped in. Costs 1500 squad points.

Designations: These all shares a 90 second recharge but can otherwise be used whenever.

  • Attack Vector – For air vehicles, designates an attack vector “stripe” on map in their hud-any attacks made to targets in stripe give 3x points to players and commander.
    • Stripe is 100M x 400M
    • Lasts 30 seconds.
  • Weapons Free – For ground forces, designates a square “demarcation zone” on their minimap. Any attacks made in zone give 2x points.
    • Square is 200M x 200M.
    • Lasts 20 seconds.
  • Laser Designator: Give highest “commander followed” person a laser beacon which gives 5x points to anyone attacking a designated enemy vehicle.
    • Aka, they need to laze (ADS) the vehicle attacking a point for everyone to be eligible for the reward.
    • Lasts until vehicle is dead, but can highlight as many vehicles as the person can spot in 10 seconds starting from their first ADS.

Submarine: Introduces a new type of capture point on deep water ocean maps. Exists even without commanders.

  • Exists closer to land than carriers.
  • Is a roughly 15M by 70M rectangle from the outside (you know how subs are shaped).
  • Starts match as just barely above the water, enough for players to simply walk onto the top
  • Can be driven by either a player or a commander.
    • Can submerge or move forwards or backwards
    • Much like carriers, can only move in circle around land where they already are
    • Completes circle in 4 minutes, but takes 20 seconds to get up to max speed
    • Takes 8 seconds to go from fully submerged to fully unsubmerged
    • Player is very vulnerable while using steering/targeting station.
  • For first 3 seconds (from unsubmerged) and last 3 seconds (from submerged), all entrances open
  • 5 entrances in total
  • 4 hatches on each upper corner which can be interacted with for 0.5 seconds to enter or exit the sub when underwater.
    • Takes no time when above water.
  • 1 conning tower entrance on top which can just be walked into when sub is above the water.
    • Fully closed when underwater.
  • Weapons can be used by commander remotely or by a player at the targeting station.
    • Basic weapon is effectively a HIMARS, and uses that loadout/targeting. See below.
    • Also carries a cruise missile, with a cooldown 1.25x as long as normal.
    • HIMARS weapons can *only* be used while fully unsubmerged.
    • Cruise missile can be used while underwater, but doubles cooldown from normal if it is.
    • While underwater, has access to a manually aimable anti-ship torpedo.
      • Commander can use, but can only indicate attack angle from screen; doesn’t see live feed. Otherwise the same as the attack boat. See vehicle weapons post.
  • Sub interior is cramped.
    • Conning tower tunnel is in the middle of this raised platform, going all the way up to the outside with a ladder inside but exiting towards the back of the sub
    • The 4 other sea hatches all on the corners
    • Targeting and steering controls are on the front on the raised platform.
    • On the front, in the lower section, is a random battle pickup.
    • Players can hear enemies walking around on the sub when unsubmerged and interacting with hatches when submerged, but the farther away the enemies are the quieter
    • The entire interior counts as capture space, as does the conning tube which includes the top part.
  • When submerged, can be forced by attacking with anti-ship missiles, sea mines or hedgehogs.
    • Has 5x as much health as a attack boat, all of which must be lost until interior begins to flood and sub rises.
    • When surfacing, interior drains over next 20 seconds.
    • Must be repaired at command console to be able to submerge again.
  • When unsubmerged, has a RHIB on the front and two jetskis on the sides, all on top of the sub.
  • When submerged, players can spawn into a Subskimmer, which launches already underwater and quickly rises to normal skimming depth, but any other RHIB loadout choices are overridden.
  • When players spawn into capture point, they'll far more often be in the water nearby, not necessarily in the sub itself.
    • However, somewhat more common to spawn into sub itself when unsubmerged and not under attack.
  • Players can now dive twice as deep in deep water; it is this depth where the submerged sub would be.
    • Staying at this depth normally incurs damage twice as fast as well for taking too long, as well as adding more time.

What would you want to see added to the commander?

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