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After playing 5 hours on the NEW TTK, this are my conclusions:

Battlefield 2 - After playing 5 hours on the NEW TTK, this are my conclusions:

Before I start I want to say that I was super against the patch BUT after some toughts, decided to give it a try instead of playing the Conquest Core only (which was my original idea) and spend 5 hours on the new TTK and then played 1 hour on Conquest Core for quick comparison.


Weapon balance does not exist on this one:

Scout DMR's are absolutely useless, the 1 bullet increase with those small magazines literally destroyed them ALL – even the ZH29.

Assault DMR's are losing every single 1v1 on close range now – you can't deffend with hipfire the ROF of the weapons is too low for you to be able to compete for this extra bullet now. Weapons like G43 and Turner SMLE with small magazines are hot garbage – you can still kill people with them but you have to SPAM LIKE A MF this trigger button and after the 3rd kill you are out of Ammo so you better stay near ammo station or have a buddy support 24/7 with you.

SMG's are EVEN WORSE! The only one that seems to not care about the TTK changes are the Thompson and the Suomi because of the faster ROF, BUT their medium range capabilities are absolutely non existent now. Before you could try to crouch and with some recoil compensation to kill some dude running ~40 meters away from you with some recoil RNG jesus luck, now with the extra 1 bullet you need the extra luck and that is not happening!!! Those 2 Suomi and the Thompson are absolutely strictly super close range now.


THE MOST IMPORTANT: The strong guns before the patch feel even stronger now!

STG1-5, Ke7, MG34, MG42 – all of these feel the same and better because you are able to stay alive more now!

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There are even more people camping with MMG's, more snipers (because they are unaffected from the TTK) and shotgun support players protecting those campers!

Before the TL;DR I just want to do a quick note – after those 5 hours on the new TTK, I went for an hour on Conquest Core and felt SO MUCH BETTER its not even a competition …

TL;DR – there is even bigger gap or I could even say 2 tiers of weapons now:

Trash tier – SMGs, Assault and Recon DMR's

God Tier – Sturmgewehr 1-5, Snipers, Shotguns, MMG's and LMG's (except the Bren and the Lewis gun – too slow ROF)

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