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Battlefield 7 - AIMBOT

Imagine you come to the store, buy a cake. Open the box – and there is excrement. What are you going to do?

Or so – you buy an AAA game. Do not download for free, but as an honest person you give the full price for the product. And you can’t play it. Not because the game is bad (although it is very yes). Not because the game is in terrible technical condition (although it is very much bad condition). And not because a comfortable game requires an ultra-powerful PC, and the level of graphics does not meet the system requirements (although … well, you understand).

But because the development company and the publishing company do not provide protection for their game and honest players from a variety of scum, by which they mean cheaters and other rot. In the understanding of EA and DICE, it’s normal to demand the full price for a game that is impossible to play because of a disregard for consumers. No way to fix the situation – fine! No apologies to the community, no promises to fix everything, but at least some actions aimed at improving the quality of life of ordinary players who, in fact, paid money, and now want to SIMPLY PLAY A FUCKING GAME!

Am I exaggerating? Not at all.

So you understand – if you take 10 fights, then 8 of them will have at least one freak with aimbot, wallhack, ESP, norecoil and other funny things that SHOULD NOT BE IN A GAME SOLD ON FULL PRICE from one of the largest studios!

Then why did I, like thousands of players all over the world give my money? For EA to continue brazenly demanding money for its disgusting pieces of a holey and half-working code that they dare to sell!


Actually, today, once again I tried to play Battlefield V. And I saw FOUR! Not one! not two! FOUR cheaters on one map. These are not allegations. Firstly, there is an observer mode in which everything is perfectly visible. Secondly – any more or less experienced player recognizes a cheater literally after one or two deaths from his ru … no, claw!

This is normal? I ASK, IS THIS NORMAL? Do not provide the game with an intelligent anti-cheat program? FairFight? Ha, if this under-protection will work, then only after a couple of months. During this time, the cheater will buy dozens of broken accounts, and the ban of one of them will not affect the situation.

Perhaps I will be banned for such a topic. Especially knowing the current policy of EA – to spit on your image, spit on players, spit on dishonest users, spit on everything except money! I do not care.

Although most likely, this topic will be simply ignored. Absolutely nothing will change, neither now nor in the future. And not one of the people involved in the BFV will see either this message or the video, which better than any words proves the problem of the current state of the game.

But I will try to disseminate this information wherever possible. Because otherwise, EA will continue to sell excrement for money in a beautiful box.

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