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Am I the only one that thinks the Sidearms should have Specializations too?

Battlefield 7 - Am I the only one that thinks the Sidearms should have Specializations too?

Currently the pistols (excluding the M1912 and the Mk VI Revolver) are total garbage, and cannot even begin to compete with an SMG at close range. This is primarily because the primaries are completely overpowered due to having access to a Spec Tree. This effectively means that even the most reliable pistols with low recoil like the Ruby or man stopper pistols like the Mk VI cannot eliminate the punishments given by terrible mechanics like Movement accuracy penalties (which in BFV is handled in such a way that I have to stay still or camp in order to maximize accuracy on close range weapons like SMGs or Pistols), if I even move an inch when firing the Mark VI at point blank the bullet is pretty much guaranteed to miss the target completely, which is mind bending levels of stupid.

You shouldn't be required to ADS at point blank for optimal accuracy. As flawed as the hipfire mechanics were in BF1, at least hipfire was usable and reliable in that game for CQC (albeit a bit too reliable for MGs, Snipers and SLRs).

Hell, to have accurate hipfire in BFV you have to tapfire it for some reason, which is dumb.

I was thinking on making a post on BFLive subreddit to suggest giving Pistols their own Spec Trees (albeit smaller spec trees since they are sidearms) to make them more effective at close range. Namely in the way of reducing certain penalties on the pistols among a few other things, not reducing recoil (the pistols don't need recoil reductions in this game).

I'd also point out that pistol ADS is shit in this game. Especially in the water when you ADS with your pistol the pistol is put directly in front of your face, making it impossible to line up shots properly. Its not so bad on land, but the pistol ADS should zoom in a bit more to be able to compete with Primary Weapon Iron Sight zoom which zooms in quite a bit more than you'd expect.

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