Battlefield 5

An open letter to my squad leader from last night

Battlefield 5 - An open letter to my squad leader from last night

I don’t remember your name, but I will forever remember what you did for me. From the moment I joined on Devastation, you were constantly giving attack and defend orders and leading with strategy. When the time came to drop the JB-2 in the middle of the round, you perfectly placed it on the enemy position to take out what seemed like the whole team. Together we charged in the B objective and you squad revived me after I went down so that I could revive our team with my syringe; not just once, but many times. When it was my time to return the favor for a revive, you thanked me, not just with quick chat, but took the to write “thanks sanitater, good revives there” as I revived you time and time again to take out the attackers on B objective. After the bloody clash as we contested the B objective, we died together, fighting until our last breaths. Though the bravery and leadership you showed up to this point was amazing, what I will always remember is this. With only 50 enemies remaining and nearing the points required for another JB-2, you typed in squad chat “does anyone need to be squad leader to get the rocket assignment?” Immediately I was overcome with joy as I have spent all week trying to get that challenge done. With eyes burning from hours of playing and staring at my computer screen, I saw the number of points raise to above 41500 and fought through the tears to call in the JB-2 just outside the C objective on the D objective side as a Hail Mary/last ditch effort to complete the challenge. The JB-2 was called in. I could hear it. The enemy numbers were dwindling. I feared that it would all be for nothing. Then, from the skies, I heard silence. With 6 enemies remaining, the rocket slams into the earth, knocking me to the ground as the explosion lit the sky to a bright orange. As my eyes adjusted, the 3 skulls flash up in the middle of the screen just as the game ends. I’ll never forget what you did for me. Though I don’t think we won beat squad, you deserve recognition for the selflessness and leadership you displayed on the Battlefield. Continue to lead and be the amazing squad mate you are. I’ll forever be in debt to you.

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