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AS Val – Pocket Assault Rifle

Battlefield 2 - AS Val - Pocket Assault Rifle

Decided to write a little review of my favourite gun in both BF4 and BF3, with which i made a bit over 103 service stars in BF4.

So, what is AS Val? As you see from the title, it is a… well, not quite a PDW, but rather a quite unique assault rifle which hides in the PDW category. Why?

Because it has assault rifle damage model. 27 dmg maximum and 15.4 minimum, that's what many assault rifles have, except that their max damage typically is 24.5. According to these Symthic charts, most assault rifles retain their maximum damage up to and including 8 meters, which allows them to 5-shot kill people up to 8meters, provided that they don't run Defensive perk.

However, due to AS Val damage being 27 max, it drops down to 25 at 10 meter distance, which means that it has the capacity to kill people up to 10 meters, which is pretty nice for a "PDW".

Another thing to mention is rate of fire. It's pretty insane 900 shots/minute. Only few guns shoot faster, namely FAMAS with CZ3A1 at 1000rpm and MP7 at 950rpm with couple others i don't remember. With 27 damage maximum and 900 rpm AS Val shreds enemies up close and hurts them well at distance.


Another benefit of having 27 damage is that it allows you to 4 shot people no matter where you land your shots. As you might know, if your shots hit opponent's legs, your bullets deal 7% less damage, or, in other words, 0.93x multiplier is apllied. Same happens if enemy has Defensive perk, which applies 0.93x multiplier to chest shots (which normally have 1.0x multiplier). This means that AS Val's damage will be reduced from 27 to 25.11, which still allows for 4 shot kill at point blank range below 5 meters.

Another benefit of AS Val is silencer. Being silent is a nice thing to have most of the time, as it makes finding you harder. Sadly, with killcam, 3D spotting and commander UAVs silencer's benefit can be easily nullified, especially given AS Val's CQB nature, but nonetheless sometimes it will help you out in allowing few more kills before enemies realise you are even there.

One thing to mention is the reload. Not only it's sexy and eye-orgasmic, but it's pretty damn fast. Takes about 1.9 seconds to reload with bullet left in the barrel, and 2.9 withoit any bullets left. Just make sure to not drain your magazine completely, or you will suffer pretty long reload. And… you will be reloading A LOT. If there is a gun that reloads more often than AS Val, that's going to be G18. For real, this gun is a reload simulator. You will also run out of ammo pretty fast, so keep a support buddy close.

Final, but not least benefit is hipfire and accuracy on the move. Being a PDW, AS Val has great hipfire accuracy. Not much else to say about this one.

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