Battlefield 5

Assuming the next BF game is present day, I wanna see the Spas-12 in its REAL purpose

Battlefield 5 - Assuming the next BF game is present day, I wanna see the Spas-12 in its REAL purpose

The Spas-12 is a semi-auto shotgun that has been way over glorified in games and movies to the point that what we know isn’t what it really is. It was designed, above all else, to do everything. Semi-auto with standard shells, pump action for riot control ammunition, and the folding stock was designed with single handed fire in mind, allowing say a driver to shoot out the passenger window with their right arm, but with the stock folded it can only be hip fired as the iron sights are completely blocked. It is, however, slow and heavy. In games, it’s a super accurate hard hitting beast, and based off its looks, that’d seem like the case. However I wanna see it used in its real potential. We all know the Phantom in BF4, and it’s not-so-famous poison rounds. You see where I’m going. While such gimmicks are just that, gimmicks, I’m a support bitch, and abuse the ever loving fuck out of this thing on maps like Locker and Metro to get a hundred assists and make the enemy corner campers rage in chat. I want the Spas-12 to be semi-auto, or pump with tear gas rounds that are their own ammo slot, similar to the Drilling from BF5 having two separate cycling ammo types. The Spas-12 loading system is designed so that you can load and pump one of these rounds at a time without having emptied your magazine. Think of it like the K-Bullet system in BF1 mixed with the Phantom’s poison rounds mixed with the Drilling’s ammo system. You have your standard rounds that fire semi automatically, but by holding Y / Triangle / 1 (or whatever key bind you prefer), you rack in a tear gas grenade via loading animation like a k-bullet, and you now have in a low velocity tear gas round that does very low damage (something like 15 total when standing in area of effect, +60 if round directly hits enemy at full velocity), but has a disrupting / blinding effect similar to a gas from BF1, like preventing ADS and / or reducing vision temporarily. I’m aware this probably sounds busted as with the stats of prior Spas-12s in games, this would easily make it the best shotgun in the game, but that’s where they adjust it for realism. A Spas-12 is borderline ineffective when shooting a target over 50 yards away, and loses its ensure hit reliability at about 35 yards. Meanwhile in games, the Spas has very good range. Now of course, slug rounds can make up for this, but that’s a different case and honestly slugs should be hard nerfed in the future games considering you could literally use the Spas and 870 as sniper rifles in BF4, or just dropped all together excluding certain things like the M87 Slug masterkey. I’m not really one to come up with balancing stuff, I’m just throwing out ideas. But I’m getting away from my point. The Spas-12 was designed with the intent of looking scary and being badass. It was made to send a rioter running for the hills when they saw an officer rack it. It is, however, not as reliable for actual combat as say the M1014, or the Mossberg 500, hence the reason it was used primarily for riot control and police raids. I’ve made my point though. The Spas-12 has lost its role, and being my favorite shotgun ever id love to see it reworked to its full potential, rather than being just another lame pump action that functions like all the rest


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