Battlefield 5

Banned? Explanation to all and EA

Battlefield 7 - Banned? Explanation to all and EA

I have to write this case fully open so all can hear my story. READ IT EA

This feels odd that i have to write this letter here, but i am so astonished about a whole mess.

icr8jbyjg8y21 - Banned? Explanation to all and EA

I should been raising my kids and fixing the house instead doing explanation some game events. Only reason why i do this because this is the only game that create interested in me. I don´t stick to game details, points, K/D or glitches and specially have any cheating program boosting my BF stats or manhood. I just open the game and let it flow. Ok, mostly bad k/d, but there is still couple nice moments waiting for me too. Down below you can click my stats in BF and see that i am only a good target to most of you my dear BF players, but be aware 🙂


Heiska76 - Banned? Explanation to all and EA

19.04.2019 That day i meet in game the real cheater bvhoover7642 <— ************

23.04.2019-BFV Heiska76 BAD DAY!!

It was a normal day after work. Me and my buddy called together that we could play few rounds and maybe try firestorm. I started about 5.30 pm and we tried to invite each other and played couple single soldier match. Well we managed to hookup in Aerodrome together and made 2 rounds. There happened nothing abnormal except my last head shot to enemy when i jumped out off tank. It was a clean one bullet head shot to crouching enemy. Well we lost that match. Then we changed to ARRAS. My very LAST match was weird and lagging. (that is normal for my rig). Not saying that this game was reason to ban, but it is my last memory of the game. Spawning near to the bridge and some soldier running front off me after the bridge, right side on the concrete fence. Maybe it was a tank blast, but it ripped my frame rates to pieces. Stepping away from the blast i hold up the grenade rifle to shoot smoke between me and tank avoiding straight sight from tank against to me. Gray cloud surrounded me and then i got the screen message of something #j???? .


After the hearth stopping moment , I realized that i was banned. I didn´t even read the message that popped-up to my screen first. Just click it away and tried to connect back. Well that did not went well.. when you read the headline" MISSING ONLINE ACCESS. Your account has been banned from accessing any online features. If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact customer support. SEE unable-to-connect for additional information". First thing is that i did not even understand what i just read and tried to restart the whole computer if it could fix this error message. After loading BFV to startup menu there was only single player option. That moment i frustrated an heading to see my EMAIL. Yes i have email in my inbox and it is from EA. And it goes like this


You break our rules (
terms of service#section6 - Banned? Explanation to all and EA

OK.. Now I know what went wrong. NO!! Nobody could not find the reason in that TOS !!!

After sending ticket to EA HELP i presumed that the answer is clear that something made mistake and ban is lifted up. But no it was nothing like that. I ended up a circle where was only one exit, and that is the way you came from with empty hand. Frustrated and accuses by EA that you cheat, i went to find out solution in forums and find this great REDDIT forum. All so i post my frustration on Twitter , EA help Facebook, EA help FQ without more info about my case. When you are that situation you do everything to bee heard. Even badly written English i need to catch someone to investigate again why EA accuse me. I AM NOT CHEATING. EVA!! IS the ignorance cheating?

My letter to BBB-> EA answer to BBB: "We have followed up with the customer directly regarding their case."

My email After BBB-> EA answer was the same: "We have performed all investigations possible on this issue and will not reverse the decision. Please do not expect further responses on this matter."

My Reguest ECC (European consumer center)= "Cant help when head guarder is not in EU region.

But they registered case for further cases."

The tickets answers by EA is getting smaller on smaller :

There is more emails, but nothing has chanced. Maybe i will get ban to my whole EA account if i continue. Hope not!

Maybe i pissed off EA or DICE, but what can you do when companies wont care. We are consumers who can be foolish without consequences. READ TOS.

The reason why people and i get mad is when you noticed, that you got same email all the time without personal help to solve the problem. No conversation at all. One-sided decision against you. That thing is so wrong behavior to human rights that i wont accept that. I hope someone understand this not so well written letter and ends it to a right person who can help me.

This is my story and more i can not do. Wounded soldier needs revive.

Over and out..




Thank´s to My FRIENDS Pervert76 , u/LT-Zombie , u/TackDaniels , Striraid etc.

All inreddit.

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