Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 – possibly the greatest game ever made … for me personally.

Battlefield 5 - Battlefield 5 - possibly the greatest game ever made ... for me personally.

Ever since I started playing games, the Battlefield series just amazed me. I was not a good player by any means, but still today it feels really good to be a part of a generation of computer games that changed the virtual world.

Generally I have mixed feelings towards any computergame series celebrating anniversaries, because it means the generation of gamers playing it is slowly changing. It means that game developers have to adapt *cough* firestorm *cough* and have to find new ways to stay relevant or in modern terms: earn a shitload of money. Which is not a bad thing at all. I do not want to start a "EA is real shitty" fire – the opposite is the case. EA is really good at printing money. After watching the "Wilson loot box" documentary on YouTube I had the strange idea that it was a logic conclusion that battlefield was developed under the supervision of an AI … maybe a prototype of new gamedesign, where you found that it was the most efficient way to create financially successful games: have a great number of individual teams working for the marketing, engine developement and game design knotted together by a strict algorythmn so that they have to communicate less (or even not at all) and as a result could work more efficient.

Do not get me wrong, I do not think about it in a "OMG IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!" way, but a lot of things in this game feels so randomly decided that they make sense in a bigger picture actually.

There were a few things that irritated me:

– Why are minor bugs not fixed, for example the flare gun. It makes the impression that after the beta the team thought the animation should be a little shorter, so they sped up the animation, but somehow forgot to match it with the actual time it takes to reload. After the animation is finished, the player has to wait about a second to shoot it again. This is especially annoying when you reload and holster it for later use, and when you finally switch back to it, you cannot fire immidiately.

– The cosmetics shop is the weirdest thing. This is actually the thing where my AI idea originates. Instead of having an ingame shop, like in every other game, items pop up every week. And then they disappear again. You cannot browse in categories, so you just have to wait. I think it is even linked to the weekly challenges. It is not to motivate playing the game, it is to motivate you to buy things. It feels like these random disappearing and locked Items are used to generate some kind of exclusiveness, which is used to make the impression, that every single texture should be bought asap. If not to push the urge to buy skins with real money, why would you lock guns away for players that did not have the time to finish a challenge in time, but to buy it a few weeks later in the shop. Examples: the skin of the M30 drilling or the facepaint before that. It makes sense that in those cases they also tried to get players to start playing "Operation Firestorm" gamemode.

-Why is there an automatic audio taunt, when you get downed by somebody. Does the game mock me for not being good at it, or did they try to sneak in fortnite mechanics?

– Why was the Rush mode just available for a brief moment and what about grind? Yes, it was said it is just a test, but the timeframes are weirdly short.

– Why are there animations for everything? Does this game want to be a simulation or a shooter? It is not the fact that most of them are bugged when interacting and mostly annoying (combat role, obstruct view of tank drivers when getting out, taking forever when entering/exiting vehicles) – you cannot get a melee kill in 75% of the cases when your opponent is reviving someone. Im wondering because on the other hand the game does not try to be a simulation at all: you can shoot while sliding, you can run while ducked, you can destroy grenades with a clean shot, you can even reload while vaulting over barbed wire!

– Just to get it out: why is there a loading screen, when I quit from a game?


– why is the test range designed like a singleplayer campaign? I cant use smoke grenades, there is no way to test my actual loadout, I dont get numbers how much damage I dealt, I cant even practice with things like the bayonett. Maybe there is a reason, why its design changed from previous titles?

– Why does no other class than the recon class have scope glint on 3x magnification?

– Why can I pick up guns from my squadmates when they die, but not from anybody else? Okay, scrap the second part of the question: why would I want to pick up the gun of my squadmate?

– When everybody was complaining about immersion and historical accuracy because of female models: why can I heal bullet wounds from my squad mates, but not from my teammates? I understand that the game wants to encourage the squad to play together and therefore emphasize teamplay. But if that is the case: why is the K/D shown in the scoreboard? (Which to me is the number one reason why Bad Company will always be a legend regarding online team- and gameplay)

– Why isnt it possible to rent servers or more complicated to use the server browser? Is it because Its easier to be paired with players that bought skins to push others to spend money in the store? This is actually something that I think is mentioned in the "Wilson Lootbox" Documentary, where Destiny is used as an example from another company: put players on the same server that bought vanity items, to push ingame sales.

I think I could go on forever but besides the fact that every patch changes the game in a weird way and you cant rely on mechanics for longer than three weeks, for me these were the main problems with the game. None of which are important anymore.

I played it a lot, which sounds weird, but it was for the fact that there is no other good team shooter out there … yet.

If I was asked what games I play and I tell them it was mostly battlefield, they always asked if I can recommend it. My rating for this game is 2 out of 10. Where one is for sound and one is for graphics.

If they were no BF addict by any means I tell them not to buy.

And then, the greatest thing happened. When my wife and I fired up the battlestations, got the drinks ready, it told us "COULD NOT CONNECT TO EA ONlINE SERVICES".

Now at this point I have to mention that I am a huge Magic: The Gathering fan. I am not a good player by any means, but I love the game and everything about it, the artwort, the gameplay, the interaction with peolple etc.

I have a decent collection of cards, but play mostly Arena. My wife was always interested but thought the game was too complex for her … so I created five beginners decks and they were lying around.

And she suggested out of boredom "Why dont you teach me the game and we play a few rounds?" – and we did. And it was the best thing ever.

While the first videos were uploaded on youtube with titles like "Best alternatives for Battlefield V", me and my eternal COOP partner raised zombies, summoned spiders and hurled fireballs from the back of drakes.

And if theres any Magic player out there, he or she will understand that at this point a whole universe opened up for her to explore. She cannot wait to construct a vampire deck – who would have thought?!

In conclusion – and I am not joking or anything – 100% serious: Thank you EA and DICE for messing it up. A dream came true.

0d5m7cml8rz21 - Battlefield 5 - possibly the greatest game ever made ... for me personally.

TL;DR: Battlefield V is such a disappointment that it made my wife play papermagic and I could not be happier.

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