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Battlefield 6 My game ideas – (lets talk)

Battlefield 3 - Battlefield 6 My game ideas - (lets talk)

Hello friends, how are you all?

I'm an old player in the BF series, I started in the first game of the franchise and I would like to bring some ideas that I believe are good for BF6.

It's just my opinion, you can add or modify, let's try to create a concept of what we believe would look good in the next game.

Battlefield 6


* 100 – 150 players 50X50 – 75×75

* Domination – Points are added with kill and objectives

(New progression)

* Return of levolution + dynamic climate (day / night, snow, rain)


1-Special forces

Sub-class: Infiltrator – Silent weapons + C4

Equipment: Sub-machine guns + C4 + Hooks + abseiling rope

uniform / skins – infiltration + night + diving

Perks: Silent steps + silent finishing

2- Engineer

Subclass: Hacker – hacks vehicles + P.E.M

Equipment: Shotgun + Sub + Hacker tools + P.E.M mines

Perk: Delisgar vehicles + Hacker tools

3- Anti Vehicles

Sublcasse demolition – Bombardment with mortar + RPG + Traps

Equipment: RPG + Javelin + Frag + Incendiaries + Mines

Perk: Explosive resistance + Car bomb

4- Sniper
Subclass (Spy / eagle eye) Sniper + drone + Binocular + Camouflage
Equipment: Sniper + Claymores + drone + Camouflage
Perk: Camouflage + Spot sight
5 – Support – Machine gun / shotguns
Subclass- (Trench) – Barricade
Equipment: Ammo box + Shield + Weapon mounted
Perk: Physical resistance + pillbox
6 – Doctor – Sub / rifle
Subclass: (survivor) – Medical kit + healing drone + syringe
Equipment: Medical kit + drone + healing + syringe
Perk: Healing + self healing
7- Assault
Subclass- (soldier hunter)
Equipment: anti tank grenade + anti soldier grenade
Perk: Anti-Vest Ammo + Grenade Launcher

Function: Control the supported tactical map.

Bombing – UV – Scam – Artillery – Supplies – Weapons – Vehicles

Bombing – missiles – napal – Artillery- hacker attack

Your points are earned using commands with the squad leaders and tactical support for the team.
The commander walks back through the game as well as in battlefield 2.
Bombing – missiles – napal – Artillery- hacker attack

LLevolution multiplayer
Large with forests, city, port, several houses and buildings.

All destructive map with frostbite + climate changes – (day and night) Rain – snowstorm

All of this with levolution events – Great falls of buildings, floods, avalanches.
(Most provoked by players.)
Day and night affect visibility.

(release night equipment and heat)
Buildings, shops, houses – All this is exploitable and destructive.
Levolution – falls from buildings – houses – earthquakes – avalanches – floods.


Each game will be different and the game more dynamic.
Weapons and vehicles scattered across the map.
Cars – motorcycles – helicopters – jet ski – speedboats – tanks
missions earn B.P – Battle Points
Battle points buy weapons – Vehicles – relive time – Vests – predefined kits
By killing enemies you gain the B.P he had.
B.P buy Bombing-artillery – tomawhank
(Bombings destroy the scene)
Everything is destructive
All characters from the story mode of previous and unpublished games
(did someone call dun's wife?).
Battle pass
Important to keep the game alive with new content and without having to sell DLC.
New characters – Weapons – Skins – Vehicles – Personal cards
Gameplay mechanics
Characters don't hang on the curb. (Seriously)
They lift their feet and legs naturally.
Climbing mechanics
Medium walls – fences – easy alone

To reach higher places, the player can hold an action button, thereby pushing the other player up.
The top player can hold the action button and pull the bottom player.
Please make sure the soldiers are soldiers and don't get stuck like those in COD who don't jump over a small wall and look like lego toys.
Mechanics of dragging the companion.
Mechanics of reviving companion in BR.
When a soldier is knocked down he has time to be healed, when the time is zero or another player attacks him on the ground he dies and his items stay on the ground and his B.P goes to whoever killed him.

Your companions can buy a syringe to relive that companion in one of the several vending machines on the map, but it needs to be injected into your body and right there it comes back to life.

He doesn't come back on the plane.
My question is whether someone can or should be revived more than once or perhaps include a luck factor.
Example: The player died a second time and when injecting the syringe he has a chance of being revived or having an overdose indicating that it is not possible for him to return.
Weapons, armor, ammunition, thermal and night vision goggles, gas mask, drones, shields, hacker tools, climbing hooks, landmines and anti-soldier, various grenades.
Finishing from behind and on lying and downed enemies.
Progression is very important.
I love filling XP bars and points and looking forward to releasing new things in the game.

I thought of the progression as follows:
Upon completing missions you gain quest xp and have a progression window and items.
When making kills you get another type of xp that will release another progression window with other items.

It is possible to win both at the same time in matches, even the most camper of the camper needs to move if he wants to unlock everything in the game.
Each different progression whether by missions or kills will unlock characters, weapons, skins …
but they will be different items in each of the two progressions.
These are some ideas that I believe would be interesting for the game.
Give your opinion and let's talk.
I believe that the next game is going to be great, regarding graphics there is no denying that the dice is overcome with each game.
I really want to see this added to interesting new gameplay mechanics in multiplayer and a BR.
One tip is that if possible, who only wants the MP without the BR that is possible to download separately.
The same for those who want only the BR.
And a great campaign that when you finish it you unlock characters for MP and BR.
What is your opinion?
If I remember or think of something else I write here =)

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