Battlefield 5

Battlefield 6 needs to be great at launch…[BFV]

Battlefield 5 - Battlefield 6 needs to be great at launch...[BFV]

…or it's probably over. That's it. No more Battlefield. That's a scary thought. The series has been in trouble for awhile, but now more people are jumping ship than ever before.

Next game has to launch in a similar quality to other contemporary, polished AAA games like COD. Meaning, it feels like a finished game, runs well, little to no glitches. Just all around feels polished. That should be expected of any AAA title.

The community's patience is up. No more of this releasing of unfinished/unpolished games. It's ridiculous. You're not an indie studio.

I hate imagining the series coming to an end. It has so much going for it, just the wrong people in charge. It's so frustrating and makes me really sad. I dont want to see Battlefield ending up like Medal of Honor.

That being said, there is part of me that is optimistic. Maybe Battlefiled had to get its ass kicked for them to realize they need to take a long look in the mirror. They have gotten way to comfortable with the idea of, "Oh, it'll get fixed eventually. Then the game will be good. Our fans are loyal. They'll stick around."

Well, I'm not too sure about that anymore.

So yeah, a few keys to success for the next game. I've heard several of these come up repeatedly in the community.

  • Launch as a polished/finished game.

  • Better communication between devs and community.

  • Take place in modern times

  • Go for dark, realistic, gritty feel. It worked great for Battlefield 1 and then again recently with Modern Warefare. Look at they hype around that game just because of its realistic feel in certain parts. Grittiness sells.

  • Possibly, drop single player. I'd prefer there be a single player campaign but Dice cant seem to handle the workload. Dont waste the development time. They should focus on making the best multiplayer experience possible.

  • No BR

  • Attachment/Upgrade system like BF4

  • Commander like BF2

  • Large maps that have varied terrain and buildings. Not just open, flat maps, where almost every objective looks like the same place.

  • Use the whole map. Space objectives all over. Not just a cluster of them within quick, running distance.

  • Plenty of varied vehicles on the maps.

  • Throw in a community favorite BF2 map as one of the launch maps. Add a few more from BF2 or another fan favorite like BC2 of BF4 in DLC.

  • Make a launch map that's a very well known place in the United States. Some iconic place in San Fran, NY, Vegas, LA, Hollywood. Recreate it almost exactly. Give youtubers a reason to make videos with side by side comparisons of the two. Make people go, "Wow, that's exactly like real life. It's amazing! What an amazing job. They got every little detail!" I just think it'll add to the hype. Everybody was talking about Piccadilly in Modern Warefare before it released. That kind of stuff sells. The US is a huge market. Choose a famous US location and it could create some extra interest.

  • Nightime variations of maps.

  • Get rid of being so blinded by sunlight when looking out windows.

  • Get rid of the automatic spotting.

  • Keep the new location spotting instead of old enemy spotting.

  • Keep squad revive.

  • Slightly larger squads

  • Fortifications can stay but need to be expanded upon.

  • Keep gunplay and movement pretty much as is. Leaning, crouch running, and aiming all feel great.

  • Running speed is great in BF5 but leads to too many players constantly running around like crazy. It looks a little ridiculous and turns off many players who want to play the game a bit more tactically (veteran players in the community). But then, it turns away a lot of new players if movement is sluggish. My idea for fixing this would be bringing back a stamina bar, but you never are forced to stop running. Basically, the first 30% of the stamina bar is running at the speed of BF5. The next 70% drops to the speed of say BF3. After the last 70% drops to zero, you can continue to run at that speed, but your weapon's accuracy is dropped by 35%. Your character will start breathing heavily and the stamina bar will flash red until you stop running for a few seconds.

  • Focus on how to enforce squad cooperation. If you dont want to play in a squad, dont join one. If you do, it should be enforced or rewarded a little more. Maybe make it so you can only spawn on your squad if there are two members within a certain distance of eachother, idk.

I just think this would be cool…

  • When squad members run up to heal a downed squad mate, there is a prompt that gives the option to drag to cover.

  • Maybe add some NPCs on your team's base during conquest. They give minimal to no xp if killed by the enemy and just add to the atmosphere. They could be running supplies, repairing vehicles, talking to eachother, tending to a wounded/dying soldier, working the runway, etc.

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