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[battlefield] DICE doesn’t seem to be able to produce a good battlefield game so why don’t we give them a hand on how to do it with some do’s and don’t.

Battlefield 1 - [battlefield] DICE doesn't seem to be able to produce a good battlefield game so why don't we give them a hand on how to do it with some do's and don't.

this was partially inspired by the recent posts like the and a few others


  • Big maps like bandar from bf3
  • don't forget one small meatgrinder like locker/metro/fort the vaux
  • set the game in a modern setting
  • Bring the attachment system back from bf3/bf4/bfh it was much better
  • Make the skin universal like in bf4 and make them only unlockable by just playing the game
  • The bf4 rent a server program
  • Bf4/bf3/bfh ttk
  • have a short story that plays well for an hour or 3 instead of a long one that plays like shit. The bf1 stories were good because all of them were not too long.
  • Bfv vaulting over short walls
  • A proper medic class like in bf3 or bf4 with the animationless difibs with range, a medic bag and other fun gadgets that can be used instead of those
  • BF4/BF3 weapon unlocks
  • Include the following gamemodes: Rush, Qonquest, Air supriority, Tank supriority, some kind of deathmatch
  • Make the plane gameplay challenging like bf3/bf4
  • make good trailer like bf1's
  • Make the fortifactions from bfv but let us make random shit in the middle of nowhere with the support class being able to make big shit and ofcourse ammo
  • bring the engineer back and don't make tankers able to repair from inside of their tank also give him the rocket launcher
  • Sniper be sniper with the good ole spawn beacon and spotting sensors/binos
  • battlepickups and elite classes were fun so include that
  • Give us the best swedish phisics with us being able to launch tanks 100 metres up in the air
  • Jeep stuff
  • levolution was a decent mechenic that looked really cool and was fun at times so i puth in on the do's
  • bf3's system of spec upgrades for the whole squad
  • bf2 commander mode
  • phantom programm


  • DO NOT make varients of weapons like bf1
  • DO NOT tie the weapons to the level of a class and don't level a class
  • DO NOT use upgrade trees for the weapons
  • DO NOT make a battle royale gamemode
  • DO NOT try to make the game realistic, nobody cares about the turnrate of a tank or that you cant pull out a parashute from 3 stories hight, it only adds to the fun
  • DO NOT puth a stealht section in the campaign, unless making good mechenics for it
  • DO NOT add microtransactions for cosmetics, i don't know what to say here since EA always wants to get every last bit of cash out of a game and i don't like the old premium pass either but i think it's the lesser evil, it also contractually forced to deliver content and not pull and bfv on us
  • No battlepass for fuck sake. people have lives and i want to play for fun, not because i need to make back the investment i made in stupid coins
  • DO NOT make maps 100% to mirror a place, make it fun or just make up a map from scratch
  • Do not push a pollitical agenda with a game, We don't care. WE JUST WANT A FUN GAME.
  • don't add the buddy revives, it devalues the medic
  • don't add limited ammo to vehicles, it slows down the gameplay
  • don't make people spotted upon firing their weapons

this was made at 2 am in the morning and i'll probably add shit later

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