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Battlefield V Beta Frames-to-Kill (Time-to-Kill) Charts and Analysis

Battlefield 6 - Battlefield V Beta Frames-to-Kill (Time-to-Kill) Charts and Analysis

This is a project ZH29 Chart

Personal thoughts and opinions about BFV gunplay and balance, based off the Beta:

  • BFV's new spread system is pretty good. It's a good expansion upon BF1's system in terms of bringing more relevance to lower rate of fire weapons.

  • The STG-44 IS NOT OVERPOWERED. It does not overshadow SMGs in close range, SMGs can dunk on it with hipfire, and it has a much slower ADS time. The best-case StG-44 ADS time is 200ms. SMGs have a best-case ADS time of 133ms. SLRs cleanly beat the StG-44 at long range as well. The StG in its current state does what it's designed to do, perform best at medium range. I still think its >100m performance is too good for what it is, but it's not an overpowered weapon as a whole. Yes, the StG-44 is a good >100m weapon.

  • The StG's best competitor in the Assault class is the rapid fire Turner SMLE. At 359 RPM, it cleanly beats the StG, at the cost of being harder to use.

  • Stop sniping. There's so reason to, when semi-automatics and the StG are as good as they are at range. Just use the ZH-29 instead in the Scout class.

  • The Suomi is the SMG08 on steroids. Or the Annihilator on steroids. It's good. With full right side upgrades, the Suomi is a much more accurate SMG08 (much less spread, less horizontal recoil) with great hipfire (Polished Action is very, very good), but with 50 rounds in a mag instead of the SMG08's 81. With full left side upgrades, the Suomi is a much more accurate Annihilator, but with 981 RPM instead of 830.

  • The Sten is just a bad MP40. Just use the MP40 instead.

  • SMGs, especially the hitrate-maxed MP40, are actually accurate enough to bother snipers. You can hit shots at 100m with tapfire or very short bursts.

  • RIP hipfire. In BFV, everything but SMGs are just hot garbage at hipfiring. Is hipfire inherently less skillful than ADSed fire? I'd say no. Is holding RMB before pressing LMB more skillful? No. Having decent hipfire is a trade-off in reactionary ability vs. accuracy. SMGs are capable of reliable hipfire up to 20ish meters, while almost all other weapons aren't even good <10m options. I'm not saying non-SMGs should have great hipfire, but it shouldn't be as awful as it currently is.

  • Support weapons kinda suck in general, they're just bad StGs with bipods and the ability to have unlimited ammo.

  • The left side of the specialization tree isn't worth it, except on a few guns, most notably the semi automatic weapons. In the case of the Assault and Scout semi automatics, the left side of the specialization tree vastly overshadows the right side. Since semi automatic weapons no longer have spread increase, the accuracy benefits of the right tree only benefit semi autos at >140m. At 140m and below, semi autos have 100% hitrate while ADSed. Rapid fire is far more advantageous, shaving off non-insignificant amounts of time off your FTK.

  • Is BFV weapon balance good? Uh, it's better than BF3 and BF4, but that's not a particularly high bar. Is it better than BF1? Kind of, not really. The specialization system is essentially the BF1 variant system, but with two variants per gun (there's four possible variants in BFV Beta, but the final middle upgrade does not affect performance, and was avoided for simplicity's sake).

  • Is BFV gunplay good? Yes and no. The ability to extend your range past your intended engagement range better than you could in BF1 is good. The relatively one-dimensional nature of 5 round burst meta and terrible hipfire for most guns hurts BFV gunplay. An upgrade from BF1 in some respects, a downgrade in others.

Feel free to ask me (or maybe /u/noctyrnesaga) about specialization tree and weapon balance or the charts.


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