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Battlefield V Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Week #12 Overview

Battlefield 8 - Battlefield V Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Week #12 Overview

Grab the Italian SMG for Medics – the MAB38 – and rank up your ToW Chapter 3 XP before it ends.

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Let’s look at the tasks. Remember that the exact mission requirements can be found in game in the Tides of War menu.

(Unless specifically noted, you can complete each node in regular Battlefield V multiplayer.)

OUTPOST – 4,500 Chapter XP

(Outpost) Play a round of Outpost.

Outpost is a race to construct and defend radio tower objectives in order to acquire the assigned number of recruits.

(OPTIONAL) HEADS UP – 10,000 Chapter XP

(Firestorm) Kill 1 enemy using a V1 or Artillery reinforcement in Firestorm.

In Firestorm use reinforcement flare guns to call in powerful airstrikes. They can be found in SULIS crates, safes, and resupply points around Halvøy as well as in resupply drops.

A HILL TO DIE ON – 10,000 Chapter XP

Kill or down 15 enemies while attacking or defending Objectives.

In Outpost your team gains recruits by controlling radio tower objectives. Defending or securing the area around these objectives is vital to success.

RADIO INSTALLER – 4,500 Chapter XP

(Outpost) Build or repair Radio Towers for 250 score.

Construct the radio tower objectives by using the fortification tool. Same as other fortifications, the Support Class can build or repair these objectives more quickly than others.


(Outpost) Upgrade a Radio Tower in Outpost.

Undamaged friendly radio tower objectives can be upgraded using the fortification tool. Upgraded objectives give bonus requisition points and award recruits more quickly.

RADIO STAR – 10,000 Chapter XP

(Outpost) As a squad, spend 60,000 Requisition Points in a round of Outpost.


Staying near friendly radio tower objectives awards bonus requisition points to your squad. Having more squad members in the same objective area increases this bonus. Your squad can use these requisition points to call in V1 rockets earlier in a round.

LEAD FARMER – 10,000 Chapter XP

Kill, down or suppression assist 20 enemies.

There are many fortification opportunities around radio tower objectives. These fortifications can provide firing positions or locations to deploy a machine gun bipod.

LUDDITE – 10,000 Chapter XP

(Outpost) Destroy 1 enemy radio tower.

Objectives can be destroyed by planting a bomb at their foundation or by using other forms of explosives such as artillery. Defenders can defuse these bombs once they have been planted if they reach them in time.

TRACK RECORD – 10,000 Chapter XP

(Outpost) Win 2 rounds of Outpost.

Team member deaths do not count against the number of recruits gained by controlling the objectives. Keeping these objectives from being destroyed is the only thing that matters.

B-TEAM – 10,000 Chapter XP

As a squad kill or down 100 enemies.

Simply killing the enemy will not win a round of Outpost, but it does help.

ZERO SUM GAME – 25,000 Chapter XP

Revive teammates or kill or down enemies 40 times.

You cannot spawn at radio tower objectives. Staying alive and reviving teammates in Outpost will ensure they are not forced to spawn back at the HQ.

(OPTIONAL) AVANTI! – 10,000 Chapter XP

Kill 12 enemies with the MAB38 in a round.

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